Kenwood Inn and Spa

Four Star Hotels In Sonoma

Sonoma a.k.a. the Sonoma County is one of the most beautiful and exotic places in the state of California. It is one of those…


The Less Trodden Vacation Spots!

Planning for a vacation but finding it difficult to finalize the perfect destination? If you would love to explore less trodden paths, here are…

florida beach 3

Best Florida Beaches

The sunshine state of Florida has some of the most unique and spectacular beaches in the world. Amongst these sugary white beaches with sparkling…


Must-Visit Sights of Hawaii

The Aloha state in the United States a.k.a. Hawaii is a place of wonder and awe. Not only does it shine with its own time zone but

Pattaya beach

Taking a Day Trip To Pattaya

When you go on a holiday you often think about which other nearby place you can go to from there. If you are going…

wedding at royal hawaii

The Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki

Over the years the shores of Waikiki have attracted travellers from far and wide. The famous beach destination which once used to serve the…


Maldives:A Quiet Getaway

Maldives is a beautiful island which lies in the Indian ocean several kilometers southwest of Sri Lanka.

Mexico Church

A Sneak–Peak of Mexico City

Wondering at the 1300 yrs old Maya palace, sited at Palenque as howler monkeys growl within the perspiring emerald jungle about you. So at…


London: unforgettable experience

Those who have visited London will have no second thoughts about London being given the status of “coolest, hottest city in the world”. The…


A Trip to Tacna

Tacna: Tacna is considered to be the southern most part of Peru. It is a kind of border outpost and it is situated at…

Singapore Underwater World

Underwater World, Singapore

Underwater World Singapore is located on the Sentosa Island and houses about 2500 marine life from 250 different species.  The place is popular with…

free attractions in Georgia

Free Attractions In Georgia

Georgia is one the most popular American states situated on the South-east. The name comes after the King George II. The history and rich…

Best Beaches In Europe3

Best Beaches In Europe

Europe has hundreds or thousands miles of coastline. All along, the continent has some breathtaking beaches. Some of them are on the banks of…


Exploring The Genting Highlands

Let me take you now through a tour of Genting highlands in Malaysia, the fascinating country. Genting highlands or the heart of Malaysia is…

Yosemite National Park

The Best National Parks In The USA

Taking a break from the daily life is very essential in these days of hectic schedules, pressing deadlines and ever increasing targets. And there…

White Water Rafting1

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is a sport especially for the thrill-seekers, which is easily enjoyed by almost anyone you want to do it, as well…