A Journey to the Ancient Days: Teotihuacan

Theotihuacan: Once considered to be the greatest city of America Teotihuacan is Mexico’s biggest ancient city. Coming here you will feel that you can go back to the ancient days of time immemorial. The large archaeological sites of this city can be compared with that of Yucatan and Chiapas.

One will be encapsulated by the vastness and treasures of the archaeological remains of this ancient city.

Attractions: This ancient city is situated in a valley which is surrounded by the mountain ranges. This ancient city was ancient capital of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic empire. The remains of the ancient era are scattered through the whole city.

The main attractions of this archaeological remains are two huge pyramids. One is Piramide del Sol and the other is Piramide Del Luna or better sat the Pyramid of moon.

It is said that the Piramide Del Sol was completed during the AD 150. This pyramid is bigger than the Pyramid of moon. This Pyramid of Moon is situated at a short distance from the another one.

This is considered to be the second largest pyramid in America. The whole area is huge and both of the pyramids are awesome. It will take a lot of time and energy to visit the two. Tourists from all over the world come here to see these pyramids. Generally 10am to 2pm of day is the busiest period of visiting hours.

If you want to avoid the crowd you can start in the early morning. There are several hawkers and touts at this very place. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to roam freely due to the touts and hawkers. Apart from that the blazing sun is another hindrance.

But apart from all these, the grandeur and magnitude of the huge pyramids will awe-struck you. Not only the pyramids the ancient city is also an amazing place. The city is mainly divided in two factors, and from south to north runs the famous Calzada de los Muertos or better says the ‘Avenue of the Dead’.

The name came from the ancient belief of the Aztecs that the houses lining the area were tombs and they were built by giants. The ancient buildings are pyramid like. These buildings are colourfully painted. There are also the ancient citadel and also the museum to visit.