A Trip To Amalfi

Amalfi is one of Italy’s beat destinations. The beautiful beach, nice beach-side restaurants, alleyways and many shops are quite attractive to the travellers. Amalfi is not a very big city but it is quite enchanting.

In the year 1343 huge part of the old city with all the people slid into the sea because of an earthquake. Amalfi is a nice beach town and attracts the tourists each year.

Attractions: The beautiful beach with the blue sea is Amalfi’s best attraction. People come over here to enjoy at the fascinating beach. Apart from the beach there are many things to see in Amalfi. Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea is an imposing structure of Amalfi.

It was built during the 10th century. This dominating structure is situated at the top of a long flight of stairs. Here one can see a fantastic mixture of different styles. The outer facade of Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea was rebuilt twice.

Chiostro del Paradiso is situated near the Cathedral. It was built in the year of 1266. It was actually used to keep the tombs of Amalfi’s important citizens. Amalfi was once a strong maritime republic and one can easily see traces of those days coming here. Arsenale was once Amalfi’s main ship building depot. Now it is used to hold different exhibitions.

Regatta of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics generally takes place on the first Sunday in June. It generally rotates between cities of Amalfi, Venice, Pisa and Genoa. There are some museums in Amalfi.

Museo Civico is a nice museum where one can see the ‘Tavole Amalfitane’, which is an ancient manuscript of Amalfi’s maritime code. Apart from that there one can see other historical documents. This particular museum is located at the Town-hall. Another fascinating museum is Museo della Carta.

It is actually situated in a 13th century paper mill. Here one can see many old paper presses and here one can be provided a nice guided tour to see the old mill. Amalfi’s another attraction is Grotta dello Smeraldo. It is located at least 4 kilometres away from Amalfi. It is actually a haunting cave and the eerie atmosphere is caused by the emerald colour that actually emanates from sea water. There is a ceramic ‘presepe’ submerged in the cave. Every 24th December and 6th January many people from all over Italy come here to make pilgrimage.