A Trip To Capri

Capri is a jewel of Italy. Actually Capri is a small rocky island situated at the mouth of the Bay of Naples. Capri is a beautiful island in the midst of the sheer blue Mediterranean Sea.

Capri is a favourite place for summer holidays and also a day trip destination.

Coming here one will be captivated by the beauty of the island. One should not miss Capri while visiting Amalfi Coast and Naples. A short trip to Capri is really extraordinary.

Attractions: Capri’s natural beauty is breathtaking and one should be enchanted by such natural beauty. Isole Faraglioni is three limestone pinnacles which actually rise vertically out of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. The stones among in the sea make an awesome scene in the moonlit night. The view of Isole Faraglioni from the Giardini di Augusto gardens is marvellous. Monte Solaro is considered to be the highest point of Capri.

One can easily reach the top by trekking. One can have an awesome view from the summit. If you are lucky enough you can also see the Bay of Naples and the island of Ischia and also island of Procida from that top. But Capri’s main attraction is the famous Grotta Azzurra. This is actually an awesome sea cave. This sea cave is illuminated with bluish light that actually emanates from the blue sea water. It was found by the researchers that the Emperor Tiberius in the 30 AD built a quay in the cave.

One can also see the ancient carved Roman landing stage coming here. Apart from these ancient archaeological traces, the beauty of the cave lies in the bluish light that is enhanced by the reflection from the dazzling white sands. Villa Jovis was the Roman Emperor Tiberius’s residence in Capri.

This is also known as Palazzo di Tiberio. One can see Tiberius’s private rooms in the villa and can also have a nice view of Punta Campanella from here. This is considered to be the largest and most spacious villa of the remaining Roman villas of Capri.

There is a long stairway behind the villa. This will lead one to the Salto di Tiberio which is 330m high. It was the place from where once the Emperor threw out his unfavourable objects into the sea. Acro Naturale is a big rock which formed by the sea and it is at least 1.5km away from Villa Jovis.