A Trip To Elba

Elba is one of the beautiful places of Italy. This fantastic island has got stunning beaches, marvellous sea, hilly regions and many other attractions. Elba is really liked by the tourists and generally travellers take one hour ferry cruise out here.

Elba is the biggest Island of the Tuscan Archipelago. Elba is also the most-visited island of the Tuscan Archipelago. A short trip to Elba is really entertaining and exciting.

Attractions: Elba is really attractive and there several things to see here. Portoferraio is one of the main points of Elba. It was known to the Romans in a different name that is Fabricia and much later it was called as Ferraia.

In the midst of the 15th century Portoferraio was taken over by Cosmo I de’Medici. During that in this particular port the fortifications took shape. Coming here one can enjoy at the sea-port, historic centre and also the delicious foods of the local restaurants.

Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano is generally considered to be Europe’s largest marine protected area. It covers large area both of sea and land. It guards 56,766 hectares of the sea and also 17,887 hectares of the land. This Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano includes 7 main islands and many small islands and also cliffs. All of the islands are fascinating and different from one another. There are several endemic species in these islands.

The interesting animals are citril finch, the Sardinian tree frog, the leaf-fingered gecko, rabbits, painted frog and also various birds. The rare Audouin’s gull is marked as the symbol of this National park. During particular seasons various migratory birds come over here and they really great attraction for the tourists.

Another attraction is the Villa dei Mulini. This is actually Napoleon’s home when he was the Emperor. This Villa has got beautiful terraced garden and grand library. One will be astonished to see the grandiose lifestyle of Napoleon here.

Villa Napoleonica di San Martino is another Villa of Napoleon in the Island of Elba. Here also Napoleon passed time. But this villa is far modest in comparison to that of the Villa dei Mulini. This Villa is situated on the hill which is at least 5km southwest of Portoferraio.