A Trip to Florence

Florence: Florence is another jewel of Italy. During the Renaissance, Florence was the busy centre of business and a kind of financial centre. The rich persons of the then time built great mansions and invested money for arts. Even now Florence has that charm and aura about its name and city itself.

Attractions: Florence is a city that loved by the art lovers. Basilica di Santa Corce was completed in the year 1385 and this temple was a kind of store house of great artistic pieces. Vasari designed here the tomb of Michelangelo and there is also a 19th century cenotaph in the memory of Dante.

Basilica de Santa Maria del Carmine is an extraordinary place where one can see great paintings of Masolino da Panicale, Masaccio and also of Filippino Lippi. The frescoes of Masaccio are really awesome. One has to book to visit the chapel earlier.

Casa Guidi is the place where the poetic couple Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barret Browning lived from 1847. Here Elizabeth Browning died in the year 1861. Casa di Dante is a museum dedicated to Dante’s works. The building is built on the location where Dante lived earlier.

Chiesa di San Barnaba is an early 14th century church which was actually built to celebrate the victory of the then Florentine Guelphs over the army of pro-holy Roman Empire. At the entrance of the church there is the ceramic ‘Madonna col Bambino’ (Madona and child).

This art work was made by Giovanni della Robbia. Duomo is the main holy centre of Florence. At an earlier time it was the site for the town’s Roman Temple. As the economy of Florence flourished, the people of Florence lavished money and their skill to make the place stunning.

Apart from these two there are several churches in this very city and each one has got different architectural skill and artistic appeal. Chiesa di San Firenze, Chiesa de San Miniato al Monte, Chiesa de San Pancrazio, Chiesa di Santa Felicita are some of the famous chuches here.

Chiesa di Santa Felicita has got the Corridoio Vasariano, which was built by Vasari. At present this long corridor is closed to the public. There are other attractive things and places to visit in Florence.