A Trip To Haarlem

Haarlem is a nice and enchanting city of Netherlands. It attracts the travellers by its charm and beauty.

The cobbled stone streets, historic buildings, fantastic museums, churches, various restaurants are among the many things to enjoy here. One can easily visit the city from Amsterdam. A trip to Haarlem is really worthwhile.

Attractions: There are several beautiful museums in Haarlem. Frans Hals Museum showcases the final years of Frans Hals. Apart from that it also displays the collection of the 17th century Haarlem School.

The oldest museum of Haarlem is the Teylers Museum. It was called after the philanthropist merchant Pieter Teylers. Coming here one can see different inventions of different times. There is also an 18th century electrostatic machine.

At the North-east side of this museum stands the Bakenesserkerk. This excellent church is of 15th century and it also had a lamp-lit tower. The beautiful tower is made of sandstone. Grote Kerk van St Bavo is another fantastic cathedral.

It is a Gothic cathedral with awesome 50m high steeple. The main attraction of the cathedral is the Muller organ with at least 5000 pipes. It stands at least 30m high and it is one of the most stunning things of the world. This very organ was played by the great masters like Handel and Mozart. This very cathedral also contains fantastic Renaissance art works. Grote Markt is the nerve centre of the city.

There are several restaurants, cafes, various historical buildings to enchant the tourists. Here the Vleeshal generally holds the contemporary art-exhibitions. The Verwayhal, another part of the Grote Markt, has got the collection of modern arts.

It is a fantastic Renaissance building. Towards the Western side of the Grote Markt stands the Town Hall. It is a 14th century hall and it has got florid designs and also the 15th century panel paintings. It has got several extensions and also a grand balcony. At the northern part of the Grote Kerk, there is a statue of the Laurens Coster. The people of Haarlem believe him to be along with Gutenberg, the inventor of moveable types.

How to go: From Amsterdam you can reach Haarlem by bus or a cab. There are regular bus services from Amsterdam to Haarlem. The adventurous people can try bi-cycle ride. Bi-cycles are available for rentals.