A Trip to Sedona

Sedona: One of the most beautiful places of Arizona, Sedona attracts the travellers and tourists with its different beauty. The beauty of the crimson coloured sandstone formations captivates loads of travellers through out the year.

During the 1980s the discovery of energy-vortexes had changed the face of this city and had turned it into today’s new bustling Sedona.

Attractions: Sedona is a beautiful town surrounded by the thousand years old red rock formations. These red rock formations have taken million years to be formed and these really dominate the landscape arround Sedona. Boynton Canyon is one of the vortexes that were found here.

This is one of the best known vortexes that radiate electromagnetic energy. Oak Creek Canyon is a grand place. It takes a long drive to reach this place and the drive is really fantastic. The Canyon is narrow here and the crimson, scarlet and orange coloured rock formations really add charm to the whole place.

You can pass along time under the shades of the giant cottonwoods and also can fish trout in the creek water. Those who are adventurous can also try swimming in the cool water. Slide Rock State Park is a natural rock slide. It has also got a chilly creek that leads into the Old Creek Canyon. Chapel of the Holy Cross is a fantastic chapel that locates at a spectacular location.

In the midst of the grand red rock formations this Chapel of the Holy Cross has an extraordinary aura. Especially during the sunset the place becomes something spiritual. That’s why this place has become a special attraction to the visitors.

To view spectacular sunsets you can also go to the Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Airport Mesa. The tourists can also try hiking in these places. There some galleries and museums in this very city. The sport lovers can try cycling along the highways of Sedona.

How to go: Sedona-Phoenix Shuttle goes between Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Sedona. Generally the flights run at least eight times daily. You can also reach Sedona through Highway by car.

Hotels: There several luxurious and budget hotels and resorts in Sedona. Several hotels ad resorts have open rooftops lounges and one can easily pass hours just basking under the sun and watching the dramatic colourful rock formations around.