A Trip To Vancouver

Vancouver: Vancouver is one of the best cities of Canada to live in. With stunning natural beauty and all the modern facilities Vancouver easily ranks top among the other cities. Coming here one can easily enjoy at the same time the warm sea beaches, the lush green forests and also the beautiful snow-capped mountains. There are numerous spots to visit and enjoy the outdoors. The 2010 Winter Olympic Games took place in the beautiful city of Canada. A trip to this place is something enjoyable to the true sense of the term.

Beaches: There several stunning beaches here. English Bay Beach, Jericho Beach, Second and third beach, Kitsilano Beach, Sunset beach, Wreck beach and so on are there to enchant the visitors. Kitsilano beach is the favourite place to have a great time during the summer season. One can easily enjoy volleyball, beach tennis and even can have warm sun bathe here. The Second and Third beach is a part of the famous Stanley Park and thats why there are different other facilities available for the beach goers.

Attractions: Stanley Park is the greatest attraction of Vancouver. There are several things to see and even do in this massive park. Apart from the stunning beaches of this very park there is the famous Vancouver Aquarium. There are at least 9000 water creatures in this great aquarium. One can see sharks, dolphins, octopus, colourful fishes, jelly fishes etc.

There is a portion of rain forest area through which the visitors can enjoy a great forest walk. There are several colourful birds, butterflies and different verdant green trees. Just near the aquarium there are miniature railway and children’s farmyard. These two things are great attractions for all the children. In the farmyard the children can have a direct interaction with lambs, horses, llamas, goats, hens etc.

Hugging the Stanley park’s shore line is the Seawall Promenade which is ideal for walking, cycling and jogging. Apart from this park there are several other public parks and botanical parks in Vancouver Island. The Lynn Canyon Park is famous for the suspension bridge though dense forest. Another attraction is Graville Island. The Granville Island market is really famous and a place to see. You can buy some food and can enjoy a small picnic in the nearby Vanier Park. Do not miss Canada’s oldest microbrewery here. You can have a guided tour.

How to go: One can easily reach Vancouver by air.