A Visit to Italy

There are a myriad of places to see in Italy. Rome is one of the largest cities of Italy apart from Florence, Venice and Milan. Equipping yourself with a pair of good walking shoes is must since cobbled streets may make you feel tired, which will definitely not be your choice. Renting bus, car, moped or a bicycle will be good idea to see the serene locations of Italy.

Rome, the capital of Italy, is the heart of ancient architecture and ruins which all have become an essential part of the people dwelling in Rome. The city of Italy has all the flourishing artists who grab the attention of the tourists & natives at the same time.

Piazza Navona is one of the popular places in Rome, which is liked by all. Gelateria shops, marble fountain, designer shopping stores and restaurants all incorporated in Piazza Navona. After a tiresome day, you can relax in Piazza di Spagna or the Spanish Step, which are great places to rest.

Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo is a must visit. St.Peter’s Basilica is the sight where the Pope delivers all his speeches. If one is interested in history, there are some beautiful temples situated in Italy.

Now comes the adventurous sights of Italy. Visiting Tuscan town is a must for the horse lovers, especially when it runs the famous “Il Palio”. The leaning Tower of Pisa provides a captivating experience. Mt.Etna is a place where one can sign up for hiking tours.

The northern lake region of Italy is beautiful, while Lake Como is very much close to the border of Switzerland; one can effortlessly take a day trip over the border. Il Duomo is one of the most beautiful churches in Milan.

St. Mark’s Basilica, in Venice, located in the famous Piazza San Marco, must be included in your trip. Murano Glass is found everywhere in Italy, they come in a variety of colors. Venice is also a favorite spot among the hikers and skiers due to its famous limestone formation located in the places near Venice.

Italy is beautiful with all its architecture, museums, churches, temples, the omnipresent touches of history, art and the warmth of people. One can rent a small villa or can stay in any of the elegant hotels. Italy is a traveler’s delight.  It has everything to offer to travelers.