Acquainting Yourself With Netherlands Travel Requirements

Netherlands is a beautiful country which is situated on the extreme east of Europe. The alluring city is located along the North Sea and pulls a lot of visitors from all over the world. When you visit Netherlands you will be stunned to see the beautiful scenery of the country and the significant history of the country will provide fascinating reading material.There are several attractions lined up for you which will keep you busy throughout your Netherlands trip. The country has some strict laws and you need to abide by them in order to get permission to enter the country from any corner of the world.

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Schengen Agreement

According to the Schengen agreement you can stay in the country for three months if you possess a valid passport. This is one of the most important Netherlands travel requirements which you will need to follow in order to enter the country. If you are planning to stay in the country for a longer period then you need to apply for a visa. You need to apply for the visa in the Embassy of the Netherlands.

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It is of utmost importance for you to carry your valid passport. You can apply for your passport online or from your local post office. This is one of the most vital Netherlands travel requirements.


Since the year 2004, the Dutch government has suggested travelers from all over the world to be aware of the terrorist problems that the country is facing. You can make use Netherlands travel requirements guidelines to understand the various thing you require to carry while travelling in the country.


The crime rate in Netherlands is quite low.  However, you should keep your money and other valuable belongings safely at all times. You should be aware of pick pockets and exercise caution at all times.


It is advisable that you visit the doctor in order to obtain generic prescriptions and have a check of your overall health. One of the most important Netherlands travel requirements is you have to carry your prior medical prescriptions along with you in case of any emergencies. Your overall health needs to be good if you want to stay in the country.

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Entry And Exit Strategies For Netherlands

If you are a native of America and travelling to this country for business or personal purpose then you can stay in this amazing country for up to three months without a visa. Your passport needs to be valid for up to three months.  You should follow Netherlands travel requirements like carrying proper identification proof, residency card, passport, driver’s license etc. It is advisable that you carry the original copies of these documents as sometimes the copies might not get accepted. You need to keep a copy of all the documents along with you for safety reasons if your original documents gets lost or stolen.

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Purpose Of Your Visit

It is imperative that you have a well defined purpose for visiting Netherlands. Even if you are visiting the country for less than three months, you will still need to attain a visa. You need to obtain a visa much before you leave Netherlands if you are travelling to Netherlands for employment or as a student.

Driving Requirements For Netherlands

If you want to drive in Netherlands then you will need a valid driver’s license. This is one of the most significant Netherlands travel requirements. The driver’s license will be considered legitimate only for the first hundred and eighty days of your stay. You should carefully observe the maximum speed limits as radars and cameras are enforced to monitor the speed of cars. You cannot use your cell phone without a hands-free device as it is prohibited in Netherlands.

You should preferably use hands-free device while driving as the use of cell phone during driving is prohibited. You should follow these laws to the pin point to avoid incurring a huge fine.

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Societal Restrictions

In Netherlands, you can only smoke in the open air which are dedicated to allow smoking and in privately owned residences. If you are travelling to Netherlands with your pet then you will require proper documentation for it. A veterinary certificate is required from your pet’s veterinarian. The breed of the animal, owner’s information, and residency and vaccination history is required in order to travel to Netherlands with your pet.

The Dutch embassy should be contacted to know further restrictions that have been applied. You need to fulfill various Netherlands travel requirements in order to travel to the country with your pet.

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Requirements That You Need To Fulfill

You will need to have two signed and completed forms along with passport sized photographs. You will require birth certificates, photos and separate applications if you have any children travelling with you. You also need to have a valid passport and also a copy of it. You will also need to carry a copy of itinerary along with a confirmed reservation. If you are travelling to Netherlands for a business trip then your company needs to give detailed information about the business trip in a letter.

You will also need to show a proof of financial means of support.You need to show your proof of income, bank statements, sponsorship declaration or an invitation letter in order to travel to Netherlands. You also need to show a proof of your health insurance cover for staying in Netherlands. This is to be presented much before the issuance of visa.

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Travelling Requirements For Minors

Netherlands travel requirements for minors are different from that of adults. If you are a minor and travelling to Netherlands alone then you need to contact the Consulate or the Embassy of Netherlands. You will require a proof of travel medical insurance.

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The travel insurance medical company needs to have a representative office in Netherlands. You need to carry repatriation coverage or medical evacuation coverage of about US $37,500. The insurance also needs to be valid for the period of your stay in Netherlands.