Air Travel Etiquette

Surely you have encountered someone who, unmindful of others at the airport, kept barking loudly into his phone. Or someone who sauntered leisurely with their friends hogging all the walking space without any regard to fellow travellers.

Or someone who wasted precious time rummaging through her bag in slow-mo while others behind her waited in the Check-In queue. The world abounds with such specimens who not only flout rules but also have the cheek to talk back at anybody who checks them. While they make the travel experience bitter for others around them, you too might be sometimes guilty of the same. Here are a few rules of air travel. Follow them!

The ‘talk’ etiquette. Yes, you have a cell phone, and yes, you use it to talk. Only, keep your volume low. People upto 100 m around you don’t have to know that your son’s best friend’s cousin’s driver is coming to receive you and no, nobody is interested in knowing his phone number either.
If you are travelling in a group, please speak softly and ask to be seated close to each other. A shouting game is fine at a birthday party but not the airport. If your ears are plugged to an i-Pod, make sure the volume is low. Your fellow passenger does not exactly get kicked listening to Waka-waka by proxy.

The ‘space’ etiquette. Your ticket and boarding pass entitle you to a marked seat of your own. Don’t assume that you can occupy 3F just because you feel like it. Similarly, your cabin baggage needs to be kept in the overhead compartment above your own seat. Don’t kick the seat in front of you (and teach your children not to either). And, for god’s sake, keep your arms away from the ribcage of your neighbour. It’s also irritating to find someone else trying to read what you are reading from over your shoulder or peeping into your laptop.

The ‘don’t disturb’ etiquette. If you have a stomach upset, ask for an aisle seat. Don’t keep disturbing others by walking up repeatedly from the window seat to the toilet. And if you have to, don’t jostle or push. Not everyone is social like you and might not be interested in striking up a conversation with all and sundry.
Accept that, and step back. Carry your cabin baggage ahead of you instead of banging it against everyone seated on either side of the aisle. When the plane lands, everyone – yes, it’s not just you – will be disembarking. Be patient. Don’t try to kick the others out of the way. It isn’t a race.

In very simple words, it’s all about respect; respect for others, their privacy and their space.

Shilpa Gupta

  • C.D.


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