Alexandria—Pearl of the Mediterranean

Alexandria is a famous city in Egypt which is known for its natural gas and oil pipelines. This pharaonic town is one of the most famous cities in the world and the lighthouse in the city is among the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Alexandria was founded by, Alexander the great and, this city has an arid climate. It experiences mild, variable rainy winters whereas hot and dry summer.

Being the major seat of Christianity in the world there are many churches in the city that are amazing. Among some of the well known churches you can look for the Saint Anthony, Saint Catherine Church, Saint Georges Church in Sporting, the Saint Mark Church etc. The library in Alexandria is also something which cannot be missed.

It is the largest library in the ancient world. Alexandria is also known for its museum. The Royal Jewelry Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, The Cavafy Museum etc is some of the most popular museum of Alexandria. Pompey’s Pillar is one of the most popular ancient monuments in Alexandria. It stands in the ancient acropolis and was originally a part of temple colonnade. It is almost 100 feet tall with red granite shaft.

In the south-west of the pillar you can see the Catacombs, which comprises of three floors. You can see chambers decorated with sculpted pillars, statues and roman Egyptian religious symbols here. The Roman Theatre located in the Downtown is simply unique. It was discovered in the early 1960’s and has semi- circle marble tires. This site is also home of some mosaics in the villa of the birds.

From the Roman Theatre if you take a short walk you will reach the Roman Museum which is the house of rare collections of the Greek and the Roman Era. You can also enjoy the nightlife in Alexandria in some night club or any restaurant with live entertainment including folklore shows and regional cuisine. Football is the main sports here and the city has four stadiums where many exciting matches are regularly held and you can enjoy by being a part of it.


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