Aloha Hawaii

Think beaches, surf, sand, sun and volcanoes, and what do you get? The state of Hawaii! The newest of all U.S. states, Hawaii is made up of several islands. Hawaii’s tropical climate, active volcanoes and warm waters makes it a favourite with tourists, surfers, biologists and volcanologists alike.

While going there as a tourist, you can either go the traditional way and get yourself all the tourist guidebooks available and follow those, or you could try experiencing Hawaii without their help. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a fun time.

Finding information

The internet also has loads of information about those wanting to visit the beautiful island state. But the best sources would typically be either the people who live there, or those who have visited Hawaii themselves.

What to see

They say that in Hawaii (as in life in general), a lot of the best things come for free. So stay out of your room during sunrise and sunset to witness the most gorgeous phenomena you’ll ever see.

The volcanoes are another attraction. Kilauea is a volcano in Hawaii’s Big Island which has been erupting for more than 20 years. It is more of a tourist draw than a threat. There is uncommon beauty spawned everywhere by the magma-plumbing system that feeds and shapes this island.

Budget travelling

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii on a budget, there are some things which you must keep in mind. The summer and winter seasons are ‘high seasons’ so travelling at this time would be very expensive. It might be a good idea to travel to Hawaii during late spring or early fall, as those are good times for the budget-friendly traveller.

When in Hawaii, you cannot miss the surf! You will find a lot of places which rent out surfboards at very low prices. Even if you don’t know surfing, you are sure to find a lot of beach buffs who will be only too happy to show you how, if you only socialise among them and ask for help. Besides this, snorkelling gear can also be gotten at cheap rates at most beaches.

Food may be one area where you might have to spend a lot while in Hawaii. Thus, you may do well to buy ingredients and make your own food if possible. If you have to eat out, give up the expensive meals that the resorts offer and order a ‘plate lunch’, a uniquely Hawaiian phenomenon. Ordering it will ensure a good deal as well as a full tummy.

So while on a trip to explore Hawaii, be sure to go with an open mind; the rest you will find there. After all, ‘Hawaii No Ka Oi’ – Hawaii is the best!