An Essence of History: Villa De Leyva

Villa de Levya: A jewel of Colombia, Villa de Lyva is such a place where as if time stands still in that colonial period. Though it is a small town, the travellers generally are enchanted by the charm of this quiet town. Simple yet serene this town still holds the essence of the then era in its grip.

History: In the year 1572 this very town was founded by Hernan Suarez de Villalobos. It was named at that time Nuestra Senora de la Villa Santa Maria de Leyva. Later the name was shortened and the town was called Villa de Leyva. The town has essentially preserved the quintessential essence of the then colonial time. The white washed houses and the cobbled stone paths lead you back to the earlier times.

Attractions: The main square of the city is Plaza Mayor. The square is a vast courtyard and there is a beautiful fountain in the middle of the square. It is said that the fountain used to supply water to the nearby villages from the earlier days. Coming to this town you can just pass your day just by walking in the cobbled streets and can enjoy the essence of the lost colonial periods.

The shady paths and the serene and lovely atmosphere of the area captivate the visitors. There are some museums worth viisting in this town. The Museo del Carmen has got a nice collection of religious art of the 16th century. Museo de Luis Alberto Acuna has been built where Acuna lived for at least 15 years.

The museum also displays great collection of old and contemporary art, historical documents and also different types of ancient pieces. Casa Museo de Antonio Narino actually was built in the house of Antonio Narino. Antonio Narino had dedicated his life for Colombia’s movements and human rights.

He also translated in Spanish the famous writer Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man. Coming to this museum you will see things of Antonio Narina and other historical documents. You should not miss the famous El Fosil which is actually a big fossil of kronosaurus. This is actually a kind of sea reptile which was found in the pre-historic times. You should also visit the serene churches and the Ostrich farm.

How to go: You can reach Bogota by plane and from there can avail direct bus to reach this place.