Angkor Wat-Pride of Cambodia

Angkor Wat is an epitome of the extraordinary work of Khmer architecture. This is a Hindu temple which has been the prime attraction for tourists who visit Cambodia. This temple was built in the 12th century by the king. It had been the National pride and also appears on the National Flag of Cambodia. This City temple had been the best preserved and, the only one to have religious significance.

This temple which is admired for its harmony lies towards the north of Siem Reap. Sand stone blocks were mainly used as the building material while building this temple. The main building of the temple is surrounded by the outer wall. There are small tombs called gopuras at each of the corners of the temple. In the western side of the temple complex there are three ruined towers.

In the southern tower there is a statue of lord Vishnu. There are galleries in the temple that run between the towers. You can see the ceiling of the temple, beautifully decorated with lotus rosettes. The walls of the temple have dancing figures and animals. There is also a library and a pond in the temple premises.

Being the largest religious structure, Angkor Wat temple has become a famous tourist destination. The enormous gate of the temple has been decorated with two giant serpents, which is believed to represent emblems of cosmic fertility. You can also reach out to the Angkor Archaeological Park, while you are exploring the temple.

This park is famous for its magnificent remains of the Khmer Empire and is stretched for over 4000 square kilometers, which includes forested area. Angkor Archaeological Park had also been declared as the world heritage site by the UNESCO in the year 1992.

There is no accommodation in Angkor for its tourists. You have to find for a suitable accommodation in Siem Reap, so that it is easy for you to come down to Angkor. Since this area is full of forest it also becomes dangerous to travel to this place because of looting. Nevertheless there are lot of programs going on to safeguard this heritage site from looting and a steady decline in the water-table.


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