Back Home in The Bahamas

The Bahamas are really paradise. A favorite haunt for those in search of the sun and sands, this is a wonderful hangout for those who love to have a blast. Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas is loved for the variety of plants, birds and animals. Besides, Nassau is also rich in culture and architecture. It has a wonderful history to offer.

If you love nature and wildlife, you must make a trip to it’s National Park. The Bonefish National Park also has lots of marine life to enthrall you. The zoo and Conservation Centre will also give you enough chance to take a look at the many animals and birds.

The real taste of Nassau can only be found when you take a careful look at it’s history. It is important to visit places of historical and cultural importance in order to be able to understand the real marvel of this city. Your visits should include the Balcony House Museum which will give you an insight into the architectural marvels of Nassau.

There are many forts that you can also see. Fort Montagu is the oldest for in the city. You cannot miss seeing the Queens Staircase, which is made up of steps that were put together by the African slaves.

No trip is complete without having shopped enough. There is really no fun in gong to a city and not picking up curios and gifts that are native to the place. Nassau has plenty to offer here too. You will find items that have been made using blown glass. You can also see pretty jewelry that has been made using conch shells. You will find clothes and art that is typical to the Bahamas. A speciality here are the dills made using pine seeds. The best part about shopping in Nassau is that it is all duty free.

There are certain places that cannot be given a miss. This is where you can really feel the pulse of the city and it’s inhabitants. On top of this list is the main street of Nassau, called ‘Bay Street’. This is where you will find great pubs and cafes, and plenty of shops.
Cable Beach is where all the action is. You will find stretches of sand, and plenty of fun here, since there are luxury hotels and resorts This is also where you can find the finest casino of Nassau, the Crystal Place Casino.