Bask In The Beauty Of Sydney Australia

Sydney is one of the most prominent cities in the country of Australia. It is the capital city of the State of New South Wales. You can find a large number of tourist attractions in Sydney Australia, such as historical areas, museums and beaches. The first place you can consider visiting is the Circular Quay when you are in Sydney Australia as this could serve as an excellent starting experience for any of the places which you would be visiting in Sydney.


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Whether you wish to take a bus trip or a walking trip across the town, the Quay is where you should begin.

How to Vacation in Sydney

Visit the Quay and the Rocks

You can consider taking a stroll along the West Circular Quay when beginning your tour of Sydney Australia. You will find the names of famous writers as well as biographies engraved on the metal plaques which are located along the walkway. You will find the names of the Australian writers and also writers who visited or lived in city, such as D.H Lawrence, Rudyard Kipling and Mark Twain.

Quay and the Rocks

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When you are holidaying in Sydney Australia, you should plan a trip to The Rocks. This was the first settlement site in Sydney, dating back to the year of 1788. It is situated in the Circular Quay which is the oldest colonial district in Sydney Australia. The Rocks now is a famous outdoor museum. It has a small village which is full of shops, restaurants and pubs. If you ever feel hungry while you are strolling around, you can take a bite at the Italian Restaurant in the village. You should ask for a window by the seat so that you can get a marvelous view while feasting on some superb cuisine

Make a Trip to the Opera House and the Botanical Gardens

When taking a holiday in Sydney Australia, you should not miss out on the opportunity to visit the Sydney Opera House. This is an Australian structure which you can easily recognize when you see it. A distinct feature of the Sydney Opera House is the sail roof. It houses seven mail buildings which are separate from each other. Here, you can attend events such as ballets, operas, theaters and concerts. You can avail of tours of the Opera House in Sydney Australia that are conducted every day between nine in the morning and five in the evening.

Opera House

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The tour of the Opera House takes about an hour. You can buy the tickets for the tour in advance. There are also backstage tours which you can avail of. However, they will be a bit more expensive. The backstage tours are also limited to about eight people per each tour. You must visit Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens which lies to the southeast of the Sydney Opera House. This is one of the best places to visit in Sydney Australia. It houses more than seven thousand five hundred species of plants.

Sydney Botanical Gardens

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Some of the paths in the gardens lead to garden shops and ponds, while you will find other paths leading to kiosks, sculptures and restaurants. You can visit the Botanical Gardens in Sydney Australia by yourself or opt for a guided tour. This begins at around ten thirty in the morning every day. If you find walking through the gardens to be an arduous task, then you can take a ride in a trackless train which will take you around the gardens in lieu of a modest fee.

Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art

If you are fond of art and culture you should definitely visit the Contemporary Art Museum in Sydney Australia. This is located in proximity to the Botanical Gardens.

Sydney Museum

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Here you will find the works of famous Australian artists as well as works by artists from different parts of the world. You can also attend some of the wonderful exhibitions which take place in this museum. You do not have to pay any entrance fee for gaining access to the Museum. It is undoubtedly one of the most appealing destinations in Sydney Australia.

Relax in the Gorgeous Beaches

The city of Sydney Australia is home to some of the finest beaches in the whole world. When you are a tourist in Sydney Australia you must ensure that you visit the white sandy beaches which are spread across the city. Bondi Beach ranks as one of the most popular beach in Sydney Australia.

Sydney Gorgeous Beaches

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In fact this is the beach which you will see on all television travel shows and postcards of Sydney Australia. You can easily access Bondi Beach by taking a bus from the business district in the center of the city. A smaller and more intimate beach which you can visit for relaxation is the Coogee Beach. This is also one of the most entertaining beaches in Sydney Australia which is host to a large number of swimming contests every year.

Go Shopping in the Finest Malls

When you are a tourist in Sydney Australia, then shopping should be foremost on your travel agenda. There are some fantastic shops in the city of Sydney Australia particularly the Queen Victoria Building which is housed in the center of the city. Here you will be able to do some really high end shopping.

Shopping At The Finest Malls

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You can find designer wear by Gianni Versace and Ralph Lauren. The King Street Newtown is a place which you could visit if you are interested in some fun bohemian shopping. You can manage to pick up some vintage garments if you shop over there. You will also find many shops in Sydney Australia selling Asian garments and house wares. Sydney is also home to famous sporting venues like the Sydney Cricket ground commonly known as the SCG.

Thus, the city of Sydney Australia can be a fantastic place to visit. There are a large number of interesting activities which you can engage in when visiting this city. You can also explore some of the finest and most breathtaking sights in the world when you are touring the city of Sydney Australia.