Beach Vacation: Safety First

Summer, surf, sand and sun should be accompanied by another ‘S’, safety. Safety is the vital ingredient for total enjoyment of a vacation. But often people become oblivious of the safety rules or deliberately ignore them. In both cases they not only can spoil your vacation, but can also be life threatening. So this summer when you hit the beaches, keep some maters in reckoning.

The obvious thing that you do at a beach is go for a swim. This is one of the greatest causes of concern during the vacation months. First of all you should know how to swim well. Make it a point that you only go for a swim at the beaches that are overlooked by lifeguards. Always have a partner while swimming in the sea. Try to stay away from rip current and only swim parallel to the shore. If you want to just float around in an inflatable raft, make sure that you do it in an area where you can swim to safety if your raft gives away accidentally. Finally, never drink and swim.

Stay away from the crushing waves. When body-surfing or boogy-boarding, make sure your hands stay in front as that can protect head and neck to some degree. If you want to dive make sure that you do it at a place which is free of obstacle and have enough water. Never dive head first and avoid diving from piers and rocks as the water actually is shallower than it looks.

You might like to go for cycling or skating on the boardwalk. But be careful, there are pedestrians there. So make sure you can control your ride. Even if you want to just go for a troll on the boardwalk, always wear shoes to prevent freak injuries to the toes and feet.

Stay away from pollution. Never swim in polluted water. When you find specific warning signs regarding pollution, pay attention to it. Also stay away from beaches that have been declared infested with dangerous sea creatures like some varieties of jelly fish, sting rays, etc. When in water always keep a watch for these.

Finally protect yourself from the heat and sun. Make sure you are adequately protected against the UV rays. Use waterproof sunscreen lotions for better result. Try to avoid extreme heat and be prepared with enough fluids to prevent heat exhaustion.