Beautiful Assisi

Assisi is Umbria‘s beautiful town and one of the beautiful places of Italy. This particular town is famous not only for its beauty but, also for St Francis Assisi who was born here.

He was born here in 1182 and it is from this very town of Assisi that he spread out his ideas and messages through out Umbria. Loads of tourists and pilgrims every year come over here to experience peace and tranquility. A trip to beautiful Assisi is really enriching.

Attractions: There are several beautiful churches to see in Assisi. The most famous of these churches is Basilica di San Francesco. This Basilica had faced heavy damages during the earthquakes of 1997.

It took great time and patience to restore the Basilica and its beautiful frescoes. The Basilica was made on a hill named Hell Hill. Sala delle Reliquie is a part of Basilica di San Francesco. Here one can see things used bt St Francis and even the famous Book of Life written by St Francis. Basilica di San Francesco Lower Church was completed between 1228 and 1230.

The stained glass windows and fantastic architectural patterns of this Lower Church are really fascinating. The frescoes just above the main altar are made by Giotto’s pupil Maestro delle Vele. This fresco represents the ‘Four greatest allegories’ of Francis. The Basilica di San Francesco Upper Church was built after the completion of the Lower Church.

The architectural styles and the designs are quite different from that of the Lower Church. The most eye catching portion of the Upper Church is the 28-part fresco which actually encircles the walls. All the pictures of the Fresco actually relates to different characters and stories of The Old and New Testament of the Bible.

Basilica di Santa Chiara is another beautiful church of Assisi. It was built in the 13th century and has got pink and white facade. The Byzantine Cross that is believed to have spoken to St Francis is kept here.

Chiesa Nuovo was built by the King Philip III of Spain. It was built in place of the house of St Francis. Duomo di San Rufino is the place where one can see the fountain where St Francis was baptised.