Beautiful Churches Of Paris

Paris, the capital of France, attracts thousands of travellers each year. Paris is adorned with fascinating architectural buildings, monuments, artistic creations.

Apart from that there are several beautiful cathedrals in Paris. One should not miss to see all the cathedrals since these cathedrals showcase extraordinary architectural beauty.

Cathedrals: Basilique du Sacre Ceur or the Sacred Heart Basilica is situated at the top of Butte de Montmartre. One can reach the Basilica’s dome by spiralling steps. From the dome one can have stunning view of the city of Paris. Saite Chapelle is considered as Paris’s finest Gothic Monument.

The awesome stained glass of the interior will make one speechless. Another important church of Paris is Eglise St-Germain des Pres. The Church of St Germanus of the Fields is a Romanesque Church. It was built in the 11th century. This very church has been changed and renovated again and again. Chapelle de St Symphorien is generally considered as the resting place of St Germanus. Eglise St Sulpice is a twin towered church with 21 chapels.

It took 150 years to complete this church. This church became more famous after the writer Dan Brown in his famous book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ used this church as the background of discovery. At the Chapel of the Holy Angel one can see beautiful frescoes. Eglise St Eustache is considered as one of the most beautiful churches of Paris.

This is a Gothic church with some neoclassical features. This grand church has got some majestic gothic arches holding the ceiling. One should not miss to see the massive organ with 8000 pipes. is another beautiful church of Paris. The dazzling golden dome of the church was made under the order of the Louis XIV.

In 1840 the church got the remains of Napoleon. The most important thing to see here is the Tombeau du Napoleon. Eglise de Ste-Marie Madeleine is situated at the centre of the Place de la Madeleine. The church was built in the form of a Greek temple with 52 Corinthian columns. Eglise Notre Dame de la Pentecote is another extraordinary church with beautiful interior and image of Virgin Mary.