Beautiful Ferrara

Ferrara is Italy‘s one of the beautiful places. Not only was that but Ferrara was the dazzling jewel of the Renaissance. From 1260 to 1598 the great Este dynasty ruled here and they were the patrons of the great artists and writers of the Renaissance Italy.

Tasso, Petrach, Antonio Pisanella, Titian and also Ludovica Ariosto got their patronage. Though much of Ferrara was destroyed during the Second World War, now the government has restored many of the centres. A trip to Ferrara is really worthwhile.

Attractions: There are many things to see in Ferrara. Casa Romei is the building of the Renaissance period. Here the famous Lucrezia Borgia spent her days. Now at the first floor of the Casa Romei one can see a preserved 16th century apartment.

Castello Estense is actually house of the Este family. It was actually built by Nicolo II d’Este in 1385. He built it to save his family from Ferrara’s the then rebellious citizens. Today the major parts of the building are generally used as government offices. But some special rooms like Royal suites, Games Salon, Sala dei Giganti are still open for the viewers. Here you can also see Cappella di Renee de France and a dungeon.

This castle is Ferrara’s one of the significant things. Duomo is Ferrara’s another attraction. Duomo dates back to 12th century and its beautiful pink and white colour add more to the beauty of it. Here you can see mixture of different styles and it has got three-tiered facade. The upper level of the Duomo has got minute representation of the Final Judgement and also Heaven and Hell. There are several museums in Ferrara.

Museo della Cattedrale is situated quite near to the Duomo. Here one can see several art pieces and artefacts from the cathedral. Museo del Risorgimento e della Resistenza displays several documents, guns, uniforms, proclamations of the Italian unification movement and also of the Second World War.

Palazzo Schifanoia was of 14th century and it was a fantastic Este residence. Here one can see beautiful frescoes of the Renaissance artist. Coming here one can also see the Museo Lapidario. Do not miss to see Pinacoteca Nazionale if you are visiting Ferrara.