Bern Tourism Guide & Places To Visit In Bern

Among some of the most frequented tourist attractions and honeymoon destinations, what remains immortal is Switzerland. Whenever we are asked to thing or a honeymoon destination in seconds, what we spell out is ‘Switzerland’. It remains a top favorite destination of tourism since ages.


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The nature has also worked a great deal in making it a picturesque tourist attraction. The beautiful surf and the sun, the beach meeting the skyline and getting blended such brilliantly makes the place a heaven. Hence, if you wish to celebrate silver jubilee or golden jubilee of your honeymoon, or even wish to explore the nature and perk up your passion and romance, you must make it a point to visit Switzerland once.

Amid the various worth visiting areas of this country, the capital, Bern or Berne, as it is also called. This is the heritage place of Switzerland.  One of the most amusing pieces of information you would love to know about Berne is that it is the place where Albert Einstein, the father of science lived, during his service to the Swiss patent office.

Short background information of the city

Berne is the fourth most populated city of Switzerland, comprising of about 349, 000 of Swiss population. It is also the joint capital of the Canton of Berne, which is the second most populated cantos of Switzerland. The people of Berne use German as their official language while the common dialect is Bernese German, which is also termed as Alemannic dialect.
The rich cultural display at Berne has made UNESCO declare it as a World Heritage Site during the 80’s.

Things to do while vacationing at the city

Vacation At Bern

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While planning your visit to Bern, you must make it a point to take a throughout the city to get a taste of the tradition and the culture of the city. It is a heritage city of Switzerland. So you will love to be a part of the culture of the yester years when you plan your journey through the roads and avenues of Bern. The tourist attractions comprise of some of the magnificent natural beauty as well as historic evidences of the city’s culture.

The natural tourist attractions

Since, visit to Switzerland itself is a magnificent experience, so Berne is also not an exception in that respect.

The natural sea and the beach

While you are planning your visit to Switzerland, or Berne, to be more specific, one thing that you will always wish to do is water port with your beloved in the beautiful surrounding the place.

Natural Sea And Beach

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The whitish gold sand spread along the beach makes it a perfect location for sun bathing. This tourist safe spot is visited by tourists all over the world in masses of thousands to enjoy the surf and the sand. Sea sports like snorkeling, water race, diving and swimming are some of the commonly done activities by the tourists.

Banks of River Aar

The bank of the River Aar, in Berne, is another natural beauty you can experience while at your stay here.

Banks of River Aar

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It is the perfect swimming destination for the tourists visiting year every year. It is particularly in demand during the summer months and swimming is done along the stretch of Kornhausbriddge or at the Lorraine swimming pool.

Botanical garden at Bern

The natural beauty of Bern is further enhanced by the beautiful flowers, the lush greenery and the exquisite shrub and herbs collection at the Botanical garden at Berne. The excellent and unique variety of roses at the botanical garden is characterized by their variety, fragrance and brilliant colors that make Berne a Heaven.

Botanical Garden

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Not only the plants and the flowers, but beautiful butterflies also frequent the garden, enhancing the scenic beauty further. The most amusing thing to find here are the grubs. The pupating of the cocoons to colorful butterflies and the varied sorts of insects are really worth viewing. It is indeed an unforgettable experience to find Atacus Atlas here, the world’s largest species of butterfly.

Historical and traditional spots

As already discussed, history and tradition of this place, makes Berne stand out among the other cities of Switzerland. Some of such sights seeing areas are given here.

Einstein house

This is among the most significant historical specimens of Berne. Albert Einstein, the famous scientist, who is regarded as’ the father of modern science’, increased the heritage of Berne by staying here during his service to the Swiss patent office.

Einstein house

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It was in the year between the years 1902 to 1909, when he stayed in a small house at Berne. He produced as much as 30 scholarly articles while his stay here. It is the very spot where he propounded the revolutionary ‘Theory of Relativity’ and fetched Nobel Prize. Thus, a memorial has been established as a memorial of Einstein in his former residence.

The Munster Cathedral

Another historical specimen of Berne is the Munster Cathedral which is marked by the tallest spire, of height 100 meters, characterized with a broad base and a narrow peak.

The Munster Cathedral

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The most intriguing part of it is that it is accessible to the tourists in exchange of a nominal charge, when they are presented with a splendid view of the whole city from this tallest structure in the whole of Switzerland. The Gothic sculptures and the ornate artistry adorn this architectural splendor.

Zytglogge Clock Tower

This world famous astronomical clock tower at Berne, named the Zytglogge Clock Tower, is another prominent heritage landmark of this place. It is situated at the very heart of the old ?art of Berne city, known as Old Town District.

Clock Tower

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The popular landmark among the inhabitants and the tourists, the lock tower features the enticing hourly chime of the clock together with the special, animated characters like bears, together with phases of moon and the position of the sun. There is also a knight overlooking the tower, who seems to keep a sharp eye on the city.  The entrance to this clock tower is free of cost. But one should never miss the opportunity to taking a tour of this place in details to understand various historical theories, including the clock work mechanism that is responsible for all the amusements that are experienced at the cock tower.

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