Best All Inclusive Honeymoon Ideas

Think before taking any action, not later. This is a popular saying, which means you should perform all the ‘thinking’ before actually performing the action, because once you do anything, you will not be able to change the same to your liking, no matter how much you wish to do it (until and unless you have a time machine!) The same proverb goes for honeymoon.

Once you have booked a hotel and paid for it, there is nothing you can do, but go and stay there during your trip. So, you have to carefully plan the destination and accommodation, so that your spouse doesn’t leave you immediately after the honeymoon.

All Inclusive

Best All Inclusive Honeymoon Ideas

All inclusive honeymoon resorts, or hotels, or plans, ensure that you have nothing to worry about once you have reached your spot. You have to pay once (a definite lump sum amount) and then you forget everything about the finance and enjoy the vacation. The amount thus paid, includes your travel arrangement expenses, all the meals and beverages, accommodation and other activities and sight seeing. Here are some ideas, which may click with your (and your spouse’s) taste.


When we suggest nature packages (or destinations close to nature), it covers a large area. It consists of mountains, jungles, safaris, seas, caves, etc. There are many hotels that offer such a package for the mountains. The all-inclusive package consists of three meals a day, lodging, horseback riding, spas and other activities.

Best All Inclusive Honeymoon Ideas

For example, a certain hotel in California also offers such an all-inclusive package, at a classy desert resort. The activities in the package include bicycling, swimming, spa services, fine dining, golf, horseback riding and several other activities. The package also, essentially, includes three meals per day and accommodation.


If you are planning to spend big money for your honeymoon, you might be interested in going abroad. Countries like Europe, Australia, Italy, France, etc. have plenty of hotels and chains offering all inclusive honeymoon packages. There are several hotels in Italy, which will provide such packages, which include accommodations, meals, snacks and beverages, tennis, kayaking, water polo, swimming, dance classes, etc.

Honeymoon Ideas

Malaysia too, is an absolute beauty, when it comes to holiday packages, sight seeing and recreational activities. The resorts over there are mostly wide known for their spa and beauty services like yoga, massage, tai chi, sauna, etc. In addition to all the beauty activities, these resorts provide activities such as golf, archery, sailing, circus, etc.

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The Tropical Belt

The areas around Jamaica and Bahamas contain many such hotels/resorts, providing all inclusive honeymoon packages. The place has become very famous for the newly weds. This is a picture-perfect place with seas, greeneries and hills, all meeting in one place. The activities that the resorts here provide vary from scuba diving, fine dining and land and water sports. Some of such resorts also include, in some special honeymoon packages, some extra things like massages, breakfast in bed options, photography sessions, etc.

Inclusive Honeymoon Ideas

Choose your destination according to taste, but when it comes to choosing the resorts, do it wisely. Here is a tip: try to find resorts, which are ‘adult-only’ resorts. It will save you from all the hassles of children shouting and running around.