Best Places To Go In Gosport, England

Gosport is a small port city lying on the South Coast of England. The port remained England’s major Naval and Military town till the 20th century. The port harbor has now been turned into museums that depict English defense history.

Here are some places to go in Gosport, England that attracts tourists from far and wide. If you want to enjoy the best of Gosport then you have to visit all these places.

Royal Navy Submarine Museum

Royal Navy Submarine Museum

The Museum is located in the harbor and houses World War II submarine ‘HMS Alliance’, which has now been opened for public viewing. There are a number of activities that have been designed to make young visitors understand the operations of a submarine. Other than the learning activities, you can also enjoy Christmas with the Submarine Santa, pirate games and so on. Tour guides accompany tourists and offer friendly suggestions on the life led in a submarine.

Windswept International Limited Private Charter 

Windswept International Limited Private Charter

The charter is owned by Shane and Shelly. It is a skippered yacht that offers a luxurious experience on the boards of Jeanneau 45DS. The yacht is moored over one of the best sailing locations offering its viewers the opportunity to savor the beauty of crystal clear water and marine life. A wide range of itineraries are offered by the crew members of the yacht. The chartered yacht is also open to wedding bookings and other party bookings. Comfort and safety of passengers are given priority.

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Ondeck Sailing

Ondeck Sailing

Ondeck provides a wide range of educative activities. It is based on ‘The Solent’, which is also home to yachting in UK. Ondeck sailing offers you the opportunity to learn more about how to set sails and run a powerboat. You can also participate in premier water racing events like the Cowes Week or charter a private yacht as described in the above paragraph. Ondeck has facilities that welcome even the disabled and the old. Novices are offered complete educational tips on the tricks of sailing and navigation.

The Museum of National Fire Power

This museum houses the highly recommended ‘Explosion’, an awarded museum that depicts the techniques of naval Warfare. The museum itself is housed inside the original 18th century armaments depot of the Royal Navy. The displays of the museum reside in a cluster of listed buildings and are centered on the 1771 powder magazines.

Museum of National Fire Power

The exhibits of the museum trace the advancement of the armaments from the basic gun powder to the modern missiles. Visitors are also brought face to face with the consequences of warfare and thus it adds a human touch to the experience. Guides at the museum also relay some fascinating stories of World War II, such as how more than two thousand local women worked at the site to supplement the shortage of men during World War II.

There are important places to go in Gosport, England, that will bring you close to the experience of naval cavalry that existed during the World War II. The location of the port town also offers the opportunity to enjoy various water sports.