Bhutan: A Mesmerising Destination For The Nature Lovers


Bhutan is the amazing country where nature and peace both reign supreme. Mainly known as the land of thunder dragon Bhutan attracts the travellers with its natural beauty. The great Himalayan range covered with verdant forests and obviously capped with snow is the mighty presence in Bhutan.

The small towns of Bhutan are resting in the valleys in the midst of the ranges. There are several fabulous Buddhist ‘goemba’ or better say monasteries on the mountains.

What strikes one most while travelling in Bhutan is the peace of the environment is the peacefulness of the country. Bhutan really makes one’s mind really captivated by its beauty and charm.


There are several places to visit in Bhutan. Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan is an amazing town. The whole town is located in a nice valley surrounded by mighty Himalayan ranges.

Thimphu was made the capital of Bhutan in the year 1961. Thimphu has got its own charm and there are several things to see in this beautiful town. One should not miss to see Trashi Chhoe Dzong and National Institute for Zorig Chusum.

None of the people seems to be in hurry here and there is no noisy humdrum of routin city life. If one spends some hours just by walking along the streets of this amazing town one will be able to grasp the flavour of the intriguing Bhutanese life. One should not miss to visit the stunning small town of Paro while travelling in Bhutan.

The little town of Paro is located at the heart of a beautiful valley. The flowing river, the green paddy fields, the sombre mountains capped with snow, the willow trees, the apple orchards and Buddhist ‘goembas’ have made Paro an unforgettable place.

The beauty of Paro will simply make you spellbound. What strikes one after just coming here is the noiselessness of the whole valley. Here only the rushing winds, rippling rivers, chirping birds will soothe your ears. Paro makes a great place for those who love trekking and hiking.

If one is travelling during April one will be able to view the beautiful apple orchards with fruits and also other fruit trees. The main attraction of Paro is the great Paro Dzong. Paro Dzong is considered as one of the best dzongs of Bhutan.

Here one will be able to see the best Bhutanese architecture and art. Bernardo Bartolucci’s 1995 film ‘Little Buddha’ were filmed here. The Dzong is situated on the steep hillside. The scenic beauty of the place is really breath-taking. Jakar is another fantastic place of Bhutan.

Jakar is located at the foot of the beautiful Chokhor Valley. This is considered as Bhutan’s main trading centre. This is a nice little and one can easily stay here to visit the other valleys of Bhutan. While travelling in Bhutan one should not miss to taste the red rice, mushroom and chilly curries.