Bhutan – Some Important Traveling Tips

Being parched into the Great Himalayan Mountains this small country has much natural treasures to offer for the international tourists. That is why it has become a favorite destination for many. But certain limitations or restrictions are there, without knowing which you might be in serious trouble. So before you make a lifetime tour amidst the picturesque valleys and silver tipped peaks of Bhutan, you must have some information.

For traveling to Bhutan, a medical insurance is must for you. You should find out the best medical insurance policy so that you get maximum benefit out of it. As such there is very few medical facilities in the country and that too for an international traveler it becomes little critical. Probably, you might need to be shifted to some neighboring country for proper treatment in case of serious health condition.

The next important tip for visiting this magnificent destination is that you should not plan to visit this country of your own. The best way would be to book your tours or hotels through a reputed travel agent. This way you can save money and moreover you will become a member of a package tour, where you can enjoy all kinds of facilities. However, being all alone in this country will not make sense, as there are several rules and regulations which might inhibit your free movements.

When you are under a package tour, then probably you will not face any problem with food. Otherwise, you have to find out some reliable food outlet from local people, where you can get quality food. As such there is no restaurant other than the ones associated to the hotels or resorts. Also make sure to carry a bottle of mineral water, whenever you are out of your hotel, as the local water may not be too safe to drink.

You will get a variety of choices of beautiful handicraft items for buying gifts and mementos. The best will be to visit the local markets to check more products and to bargain the price, than to buy the same items from the hotels gift shop, as you have to pay more in the later case.