Breathtaking Travel Tips For Africa

Africa is the second most populous continent and the second largest continent in the world is filled with diversity and mystery. Africa is famous for adventurous experience. The incredible scenic beauty of Africa will mesmerize you. Africa has some truly amazing activities to offer, which will keep your excitement level high.

You must opt for the safaris tours. You will be surprised to see that parts of Africa are yet to develop into an industrial and advanced place. Africa is a unique place, which can be quite a simple and comfortable place for you to travel.

Sun Block

Africa experiences a very warm and sunny weather. Therefore you should carry a good sunscreen. This will help in preventing sun damage to your skin. The amount of time that you are spending under the sun should be spaced out which will help in reducing the harmful effects of the rays of the sun.

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One of the essential travel tips for Africa which you should keep in mind is to always prefer to carry your own sunscreen when you plan to travel to Africa.


Malaria is a major disease in Africa. You need to take necessary precautions by carrying some prescribed anti-malarial drugs along with you. This is one of the most important travel tips for Africa which you should take seriously. While in Africa you should sleep under mosquito netting and should use bug repellents too.


You should not be ostentatious in displaying your wealth. This is one of the chief travel tips for Africa which you should keep in mind while you travel to Africa. You should not put on a lot of jewelries when you are going out. The poverty level of Africa is very high and you might fall in deep trouble if you flash expensive jewelries.

Drinking Water

You should be very careful about the water you drink. This is one of the most substantial travel tips for Africa which will help you to avoid diseases which are water-borne in nature like typhoid, fever. You should only consume bottled water of reputable water companies.

Travel Guide

You should have a travel guide along with you while going out. This will help you in reaching from one place to another easily and you will also know which places to avoid.

This is one of the crucial travel tips for Africa if you are planning to go for a safari. A local travel guide will help you in spotting the dangers which you might or else not be aware of.


You will run into a tout close to every safari or major trekking area ensuring you to provide with the best excursion in Africa. You should never book your excursion with the initial tout that you come across as you should always take your time to look for the best deals. You should try not to get tempted by the touts who offer you low budget trips as most of them are false.

Research about Africa from Beforehand

Before travelling to Africa, you should do a thorough research about the general culture, climate and language of the region.

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This is one of the most significant travel tips for Africa which will help you in knowing if there are any political conflicts or any potential civil war going in the region.

Carry Your Important Documents

You should make a number of photocopies of your credit cards, birth certificate, driver’s license and passport and carry a copy along with you always. These photocopies will act as a backup if you if your original documents gets stolen or lost. These travel tips for Africa will come in handy when you visit this fascinating continent.


You should receive all your required or suggested immunizations before touring Africa. The immunizations which you will require depends on the country you will be travelling to. This is one of the crucial travel tips for Africa which you should consider seriously.

Book Your Lodging

You should book your lodging from beforehand so that you do not need to worry about where to stay, when you visit Africa. This will facilitate you with cheaper pick up services from the airport. You do not even need to wander about in Africa to look for a place for accommodation and waste your time.

Be Alert

One of the greatest risks when you travel to Africa is the street crime and car accidents. You need keep yourself protected by staying alert. You should not leave any jewelry or expensive items in the hotel and should choose to use ATM’s only in busy and well-lighted places.

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There is a common scam in the continent where thieves tamper with an ATM which will result in jamming your card. When you will complain about the issue with the management, your entire account will be drained out by the thieves. You should use ‘Buddy system’ to avoid this situation. When you encounter such problems, you should wait with your card next to the machine while your companion can discuss the problems with the management.

Travel Insurance And Health Insurance

Travel insurance is very important for you if you are planning to travel to Africa. You can lose your luggage from the airports so it is very necessary for you to be adequately insured.

Make certain that your travel insurance offers full coverage for any adventure sport that you want to participate in and render you with emergency evacuation if required. At many remote areas of the continent the health care facilities are pretty much poor. It is recommended to you to take proper medications before you leave for Africa.

When you travel to this captivating continent you will feel the unique culture of the region. The wildlife, scenery and the outdoor adventures will surely take your breath away and make you return to this captivating continent over and over again. Travel tips for Africa will help you gather information about Africa which will make your trip more comfortable and worth remembering.