Brittany: A Beautiful Place

Brittany, the western most part of France, is called in different names. ‘Penn ar Bed’ or ‘head of the world’, ‘Finistere’ or ‘the land’s end’ are different titles of Brittany. The beautiful country of Brittany has become more beautiful by the presence of sea and verdant forest. The deep forests, canals, gushing rivers of Brittany are great attractions for the adventurous people. Brittany has still retained its old customs, culture and the Celtic language. All there have added charm to the beautiful Brittany.


There are some interesting places in Brittany. Carnac is one of the nice places of Brittany. Predating Stonehenge by hundred years Carnac has got world’s greatest portion of megalithic sites. There are at least 3000 upright stones. One can also visit the old stone village named Carnac-Ville. He or she can also pass some couple of days at the beautiful sea resort Carnac-Plage.

The sandy beach and blue sea make the perfect place to take some rest. Concarneau is a port of Brittany which is famous for its catch of tuna fishes. Maison Courtin is considered as one of the canneries. Here one can easily avail tour including a film of the cannery.

One can directly contact the cannery to arrange a tour. Coming to Concarneau one should not miss the walled town on the nearby small island. It was fortified in the 14th century and two centuries later it was again modified.

Between 15th June and 15th September one can easily go to the walled town through Maison du Patrimoine. There one can see the old stone houses and cobble-stone paths. Some of the houses have been changed into shops, restaurants and galleries to cater the tourists.

One can also visit Musee de la Peche while travelling Concarneau of Brittany. Quimper is another nice place of Brittany. The cobblestone streets and slanted houses have made this place really picture perfect. The location of Quimper is also amazing. It is located at the very juncture of the rivers Odet and Steir. The rivers, the small footbridges, colourful flowers and plants have made this place really enchanting. A trip to Brittany is really worthwhile.