Burnaby- The all-in-one Canadian city

Burnaby is a city in Canada, and holds the distinction of being well-run by the local authorities. Burnaby is a serene Canadian town with a very moderate climate. It is located close to the northern border of United States of America.

From being a sub-urban area, it is now grown to a bustling town. A lot of commercial activities happen here. Developments are taking place at a very fast pace.

Vancouver is located nearby. This makes it a strategic location. Activities in Vancouver can seek a buffer in Burnaby. Since Burnaby is a city that touches sea level, and also rises above sea level in some areas, you will see a lot of hills, cliffs, and elevated areas here. Burnaby’s unique landscape makes it a traveler’s paradise.

Burnaby has lakes, mountains, forests, and a beach. Just imagine the kind of picturesque value this city brings. You get all natural and scenic views in this city. You will not miss the forest, nor the hills, or the sea.

Feel elated on an elevation. That’s what you get on Burnaby Mountain. It is a popular visiting point for the locals. The hill side is lush, and rolls into the horizon, like an endless carpet of greenery. You get an open canvas for you to throw boomerangs, and fly toy aero planes. Kids will love such a place. A place with absolutely no restrictions, freedom is real here.

On Burnaby Mountain, you can go for hiking. Hiking is a truly enriching experience. As you go up the mountain, tired lungs will lunge for the divinely fresh air. Intoxicate yourself with the goodness of the mountain breeze.If you want to understand the history of Burnaby, then your next stop should be the Burnaby museum.

Burnaby village museum is a place of heritage. As you walk through this museum, your thoughts will travel into bygone eras. Located without a roof, this museum is out in the open. All buildings in this museum are buildings of an era that has traversed the time-path of history. That’s why it has got a village appeal to it.

The city of Burnaby is rich in culture, and heritage. If you take a look around, you will see a combination of old-world charm and new-world charisma.