Canterbury- Visit this Historic City in England

Canterbury is a city that is situated on the river Stour in Kent, England. Canterbury is a city rich in ancient history. The city has been inhabited since pre-historic times (Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze ages). Canterbury was once a Brythonic settlement and later a Jutish settlement.

Hence, it is unsurprising that this city is a popular tourist destination. One of the main attractions in Canterbury is the Canterbury Cathedral. It is one of the oldest cathedrals in England, and features cloisters, a Norman crypt, icons, and more.

Canterbury cathedral draws over a million visitors yearly. It is also a popular pilgrim destination and is famous for being the site of the martyrdom of Thomas Beckett.

The cathedral forms a World Heritage Site, along with St. Martin’s Church (oldest parish in England which still conducts services), and St. Augustine’s Abbey (a Benedictine Abbey).

Another place worth visiting is the Roman Museum in Canterbury. The Museum houses the remains of a Roman pavement and a house. There are various artifacts, which were excavated and are displayed such as deities, Roman glass, pottery, tiles, mosaics, military artifacts such as swords, etc.

The museum also houses a reconstructed Roman house and marketplace, which includes greengrocer, cobbler exhibits, etc. Other places worth visiting include the Norman Canterbury Castle, The Old Synagogue, which is a fine example of an Egyptian Revival synagogue, St. Martin’s Mill, which was built in 1817 and was converted into a house, Westgate- a medieval gatehouse, featuring towers and spiral staircases, Westgate hall, which is more than a hundred years old and has been a community and dance hall, Dane John Gardens- Canterbury’s most popular park, Canterbury Royal Museum and Art Gallery, etc.

There are various recreational activities offered to tourists in Canterbury, like water sports, historical boat tours on the river Stour, hot air balloon rides, cycling, etc.

Some of the main cultural events in Canterbury include the Canterbury Festival which is held every October. It is a festival of the arts, including music, art, comedy and theatre. Other festivals of importance include the Lounge on the Farm festival, which is a music festival, and more.


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