Captivating Caracas

Caracas: The very name Caracas has an aura about it. This city apart fro being Venezuela’s capital has its own attractive charms that attract thousand of travellers from all over the world to this cosmopolitan modern city. Caracas caters each and every sense of its travellers. Starting from rich museums, colonial architectures, parks to the delicious cuisine and the colourful night life- all are simply astounding. A trip to this metropolitan is really unforgettable.

Attractions: There are uncountable place to go and see in Caracas. You must not fail to visit the beautiful Parque del Este, the biggest park of the city. You pass the time just by roaming in the verdant leafy forest of this place. You can see many colourful birds in the aviary section. If you are lucky enough you will be able to see even a jaguar in midst of the forest. During weekend loads of people gather here.

You can also go to Parque Zoologico de Caricuao is a large zoo where you can see various birds and mamals. Here some birds, monkeys and macaws also mix with the visitors. The ambience of the zoo will simply please you. There are several museums in this city.

Museo Bolivariano, Museo de Belles Artes, Museo de Los Ninos, Museo de Teclado, Museo Sacro de Caracas, Museum of Colonial Art, Museum of contemporary Art are among many others. In the Museum of Colonial Art you can see the pictures of Colonial times and the ambience of this place is really soothing. If you are interested in modern painting you should not miss the Museum of the Contemporary Art.

Its collection of paintings is awe-inspiring. If you want to see the art collection from the pre-Hispanic to the modern kinetic art you should not miss the National Art Gallery of Caracas. The building was made in 1935 in neo-classical style with garden and beautiful pond.

Things to Do In: Plaza Bolivar is the nerve centre of the city and this place is always crowded. Here you can visit the Parish Church which is small but nice. The Municipal Theatre was opened in 1881. The first presentation was Giuseppe Verdi’s LL Trovatore. The beauty of the building is really awe-inspiring and its hall and pillars are massive. You can also visit Simon Bolivar’s family summer house and the very house where he was born.

How to go: You can reach Caracas by air or by rail or even by bus.