Cheap Air Flights Travel Tips

Traveling has become so expensive thanks to the rise in taxes everywhere; be it the service tax or the airport tax, there’s tax all around you. All of us have come across deals saying “fly to Vegas in 20$”, at first it looks tempting but when you do decide to book, you find you have been heavily taxed bringing the cost of the ticket same as you could get anywhere or even cheaper.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to know how to get best air fare deals.
Here’s some of the cheap air flights travel tips.

Do Some Browsing On The Internet

Once you decide to take a holiday or a short break, start rummaging through travel websites for the best price of air tickets. Do not blindly book. Do some research; you never know you could find something cheaper. When you do have the facility to take quotes from ten websites then why not? (Unless you like to pay more)

Cheap Air Flights Travel Tips

Be Quick In Booking

It is often said that most of the travel websites have a specific day of the week and time where they literally slash down the prices. For example visit on a Tuesday roughly around 3 PM to get really good deals. It is known that the prices for tickets are way higher during weekends for the obvious reasons that everybody wants to fly out on a holiday so that they do not miss work.

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You should always book tickets in advance when you travel during peak season. Winter vacations or summer breaks should be planned much in advance because that’s the time when everybody flies out hence highly priced air tickets.

Choose The Day Of Departure Correctly

Choose The Day Of Departure Correctly

As mentioned above that the prices of tickets vary depending on the day you would want to fly out. The most expensive tickets are bought on Fridays that is because people love to go for weekend breaks. The cheapest days to fly out are Monday or Tuesday. During peak seasons like Christmas or Easter Holidays have high priced tickets all days of the week. Therefore, it is smart to get it booked before rather than paying more.

Always look For Upgrades

There are many travel websites that promise to upgrade your ticket which are usually conditions applied. For instance, if you are a frequent flier or books many times from the same website, they might offer to an upgrade from an economy to business class. This obviously doesn’t happen all the time. Taking early flights helps to get this offer because not many people fly in the wee hours. You could also get an upgrade for early check-in to avoid standing in a queue.

Always Ask For Refunds If Required

Website policies vary from each other. There are some who always refund the difference, for example if you paid 150$ for a one way ticket and the next day you checked it has come down to 120$, there are chances that you might get your 30$ back. Remember, not all websites do this, therefore read the policy documents before booking.

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