Cheap Romantic Hotels In London

If you are thinking of passing through Great Britain, London is must visit for its ultimate romanticism. There are so many things that you can do with your partner in London that you will be spoilt for options.

London City

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London attracts millions of visitors every year and therefore irrespective of your budget, you can enjoy your stay here. Before coming to London, you need to prepare your itinerary well in advance to ensure that you don’t miss the romantic spots that are famous in London around the world.

If you are strict on budget then you might also be interested in finding cheap romantic hotels in London, for which you will find plenty of options. Here are a few things that you might be interested doing in London with someone special in your life.

See London through Thames

If you are planning to come to London in the month of February, you might be interested in joining those cruises that have special valentine parties. Thames has so many romantic spots that you will never ever get bored no matter how many days you stay in the city.

Cheap Romantic Hotels In London

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Book your romantic hotel by the side of the river that gives panoramic views of the city. Hotels with good views are expensive but you can choose something cheap in the outskirts and still have the same feeling of London. Valentine week can be really expensive in London, so ensure that you have booked your tickets and rooms in advance.

Most hotels in London will mesmerize you. If you are booking a hotel based on what online reviews says about it, most likely are the chances that you won’t be disappointed.   You will love the hygiene, maintenance and homely behavior of the staff as the customer satisfaction is the key to success for hotels and the management does everything to ensure that the visitors are happy when they leave.

The Hotels of London: Cheap and Standardised On Belgarve Road

Cheap and Standardised On Belgarve Road

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There are many things that you need to pay attention to. Firstly, since London counts among the most developed cities around the world, the place is pretty expensive. As such locating right hotel is not easy. People are ready to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for booking a luxurious hotel like 41. But you can play the tricks before time.

First things first, plan your date of arrival and how much you want to spend on hotels. There are many localities in London where hotels are cheap but obviously you won’t be in the top areas. There are many one star and two star hotels to choose from. Corbigoe Hotel on the Belgarve Road is very modest and well budgeted one with standard facilities. In fact there are many hotels along the Belgarve Road where one can find cheap options of staying in London.

Two Star Hotels In London

Hotels In London

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Romantic couples can always find numerous options in two star hotels. There are very well maintained two star hotels in various parts of London. Near the Leinster Square, you can find the Lords Hotel that is priced below 100 dollars.

Other hotels are located along the Hoop Lane, Asnon Road, Dorset Square, Shepherds Bush Road, all priced at very cheap rates. People around the globe stay in such hotels and you can rest assured that the places are safe and well budgeted. The competition among cheap hotels is huge which implies that every hotel is striving better towards success.

The Three Star And four Star Hotels In London

You will be surprised to know majority of the hotels in London fall in the four star category and therefore you can find hotels that have good facilities in small budgets. Along the Portal and the Strand, the options are endless for three star hotels.

four Star Hotels In London

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The prices are very different from each other depending on the lane you choose but generally prices in the band of seventy to one hundred fifty dollars. Directly close of Liverpool St. are numerous four star hotels booking where won’t cost you much. Other hotels are located in Bishopsgate, Cromwell, Great Cumberland Place.

Booking In Advance

Before you start your journey, ensure that you have booked your tickets. You can either think of going online or take help from booking agents. In case you are coming to spend your honeymoon out here, you can take help from internet and make a customized package for yourself and your lover. Booking sites have simplified the task of finding cheap hotels in London.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on personal resources for getting bookings done. Now all you have to do is choose a hotel as per your budget, make the payment online and take a printed receipt or SMS. No matter whatever season you choose to come to this city, booking in advance will ensure that you don’t get disappointed on arrival.

Dating In The Hotels

Dating In The Hotels

Have you ever thought about inside the closed walls? London is one of the most romantic cities and you will love the experience of staying with lover in hotel room enjoying the breezy summers and the chilly winters. If you stay close to London, you can plan your getaway for the weekend and you don’t have drill a hole in your pocket for that.

There are plenty of cheap options that have been listed above where you can stay in the hotel room, take a leisurely ride along the clean streets, grab a cup of coffee or enjoy a brunch lunch, the list of dos are endless. If you are willing to spend some time in solitude with your partner, you can just stay behind the closed doors and get cozy.

Choosing London

Whether you are a lover of landscapes or enjoy musicals, London has everything to meet the tastes and preferences of every class of people. As long as you enjoy the pleasure of the company of your lover, you will find numerous things to do in London. Plan your next vacation here with one of the cheap romantic hotels and you will surely enjoy your time here.

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