Cholula- Trade the Paths of Ancient Era

Cholula: Cholula can be marked as the place of the widest pyramid ever built on the earth but it lacks the fame due to the great neglect of the particular pyramid and the small town also. It is an important pre-Columbian city which actually dates back to 2nd century BC.

Due to negligence the pyramid had become unrecognizable and after arriving here the Spaniards built a church on the top of it. At that very time the pyramid had turned into a kind of hill unrognizable as pyramid particular.

In the ancient era this town became very important and this massive structure is a proof of it. Though this is a small town but this pyramid has given it another aura.

Attraction: The main attraction of the Cholula is the great pyramid and the church on its top. By volume this pyramid can be considered as the largest pyramid of the world. Not only it is the largest pyramid but also the greatest man made structure even compared to the other great pyramids.

Underneath this very pyramid the archaeologists have discovered at least 8km tunnels and tourists come over here to explore the tunnels. This great pyramid was started in the 3rd century BC and ultimately completed in the 9th century AD. It was built gradually stage by stage.
It took at least four stages to complete the pyramid. During the colonial era the Spanish built a church on it. The name of the church is ‘Church of our Lady Remedies‘. It was built about 1594. Actually the Spanish could not understand that it was actually a pyramid.

Now a day it looks like a massive green hill with the church crowning the top. Coming here one can easily explore the great pyramid and can also visit the church. This is an extraordinary structure where two different religious ideas combine.

Apart from it one can also enjoy the stimulating night life here. Cholula is a state of Puebla and one can easily reach here by a bus from Mexico City. Bus services are available from Mexico to puebla. There is also a bus service from Mexico’s Benito Juarez Airport.