Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Florida: Underwater Adventure

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a must see if you are about to plan Florida beach vacation. Located around three –quarters of a mile east from dynamic Clear water beach (FL) and established in 1978 as a marine biology center, CMA has evolved into a bio rehabilitation and marine rescue aquarium for dolphins, sea turtles and whales. After 1990’s, this marine center has extended its area to reach out to more people with the mission to rescue marine animals.

CMA is the educational center where children can learn lot about the marine biology. Every year, this beautiful water aquarium is visited by water life enthusiasts. Here the experts are trying their best to rescue the endangered water species whose life has been pathetically threatened by human.

The CMA offers a variety of activities to educate and also entertain children and their parents. Among these various enjoyable activities are shark feeding, dolphin feeding, stingray feeding etc. These activities are performed under the supervision of marine experts. Animal interactions from up-close, behind the scenes tour, theater presentations on nature are the major attractions. You can also opt for a two hour kayak tour.

The star attraction of the aquarium is a baby dolphin Winter who has been rescued by the CMA trainers. Winter’s survival story is truly inspirational to many people especially children who love to see Winter’s water performances. The personal interaction between rare marine animals and human is something to cherish all your life.

One of the attractions of CMA is sea life safari boat tour which is a two hour trip into the intra coastal water. On this scenic ride to an island you will learn about the sea birds and other marine existences. Also the kids night out is arranged by the marine officials. These night activities include free pizza, soda, marine crafts and marine videos etc. Let your child be the part of under water adventure!

With these activities, like the summer camp, the CMA marine experts teach dolphin anatomy, dolphin nutrition and behavior in the Dolphin Day Camp segment. While participating, the candidates will be given dolphin information and a t-shirt. Thus, the CMA offers a whole lot of activities which are truly sensational.

So come and have fun with crystal Clearwater marine life.


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