Colourful Oaxaca

Oaxaca: Oaxaca is one of the most beautiful cities of Mexico with a colonial past. It is a lovely city with exotic crafts and extraordinary contemporary artistic forms. There are several museums and art galleries and obviously several restaurants with the sumptuous and mouth-watering Mexican foods. Tourists come over here to enjoy the excellent fiestas and street parties.

Attractions: A beautiful tree shaded central plaza or better say square is the centre of this very lovely city. It is called El’ Zocalo. There are several cafes around the square and one can easily pass time here sipping cold beer and enjoying the lovely surrounding. At the north of El Zocalo is the famous Cathedral.

Though the making of this Cathedral began in the 1550s but it was ultimately completed in the 18th century. The beacutiful carvings of Cathedral will awe struck you. But the most splendid of all the churches of this city is the Iglesia de Santo Domingo.

It is situated just at the northern side of Cathedral. The architectural features of this church were really stunning and the designs of the interior is extraordinary. Basilica de la Soledad has got the statue of Virgen de la Soledad meaning Virgin of Solitude.

The church has enormous riches and great architectural furnishings. The statues have added charm to this church. Jardin Etnobotanico situates in the former monastic grounds of Santo Domingo. Here you can see a great variety of trees from around the state. You also avail guided tours through the garden.

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca is situated in a nice colonial house and displays great collection of contemporary art. There are several othe museums. Museo de las culturas de Oaxaca, Museo de los Pintores Oxaquenos, Museo Rufino Tamayo and so on. Palacio de Gobierno stands near the sqaure and this palace is now changed into a museum.

The interior decorations and pictures depict the rich history of Mexico. Templo de San Philipe Neri is an 18th century temple with nice designs. There are several restaurants all over the city with delicious Mexican dishes. But do not miss the melons and cheese. The valley and surrounding mountains of the city are attractions for the adventurous ones.