Colourful Olinda

Olinda: Olinda is one of the most spirited and colourful cities of Brazil. With its beautiful colonial houses and churches, Olinda has also scenic beauty of its own. While walking down the streets you will easily catch the spirit of the city.

History: This town was founded in 1535 and this very town was the actual capital of Pernambuco. It was totally burnt down with its catholic churches in 1631. This was done by the calvinist Dutch. But nothing can break the town’s spirit and this town was rebuilt in 17th century. A trip to this town is really worth enjoyable.

What to see: There are several churches and museums in this town. Igreja de Se is situated on Cathedral heights. This place provides an extraordinary view of the whole town. After burning down in 1631 this church was at least four times reconstructed. This place has its own charm and it really brings you back to the colonial era.

The monastery of Sao Bento was built in 1581. It is said that Brazil’s first Law School first started here and continued for atleast 24 years. NS do Amparo Church and NS do Carmo Church with their beautiful surroundings and lovely structures attract the travellers.

Things to Do: The serene ambience of these churches will make your mind peaceful. There are excellent wood carvings in the church. You should not miss the museo do Mamulengo. The very word Mamulengo means travelling puppet show and this museum displays at least 1000 pieces of things related to this kind of puppet shows. MMuseu de Arte Contemporanea displays great collection of contemporary paintings.

Museu de Arte Sacra de Pernabuco earlier worked as Olinda’s Episcopal Palace and also as Government Council. The main building of the museum was built in 1696. This museum displays a good collection of sacred arts. Olinda has got some charming pousadas and it really enchants the travellers who want to pass time in some tranquillity.

With its vibrant coloured houses and cobbled stone alleys the city really injects a spirited mood in the visitors. The small music bands playing on the streets and colourful paintings on the walls of the houses add charm to the town.

How to go: Recife is the gateway to Olinda and from this place you can hire a taxi to reach Olinda. It will take maximum R$15. Or you can also reach Olinda by bus. There are regular bus services between Recife and Olinda.