Compact In the Cocoon Frankfurt

The people of Frankfurt, Germany, are music freaks and are always up to the mountain to shake a leg in the most happening places. The place all the people residing in Frankfurt flock to have a time of a lifetime is the Cocoon. Here they enjoy and have an unforgettable time with friends. The world famous and legendary DJ Sven Vath is the proud owner of the nightclub, The Cocoon.

As the name, The Cocoon is built as a place where you will find yourself in a compact place which has many features to give it a look that is much modernized, appealing and presents a huge attraction to the eyes and the heart. The place holds ultra modern equipments to give it a very Sci- Fi appearance. It is the interior design of the Cocoon that has been admired ever since the time it was introduced to the people.

This unique night club has spacious dance floor along with bars and restaurants. The restaurants are namely Micro and Silk having Asian-European cuisine in the menu. Micro is a club cum restaurant serving European fusion cuisine while Silk is a bed restaurant decorated with white leather beds serving Asian and ancient Roman cuisine. The Cocoon is rocked and spun by the most renowned DJ’s like DJ Ricardo Villalobos and DJ Richie Hawtin along with DJ Sven Vath. These are resident DJ’s of the Cocoon that jives the gathering.

As DJ Sven Vath is the godfather of German techno music, the type of music is played prominently at this club. Well supported by the interior design of the club which is imagination of Sven Väth himself along with the designers. Major attractions of the Cocoon’s interior include the membrane wall and the cocoons and pods fitted in the walls to give it a scientific edge which creates the perfect aura for techno music.

All good things come at a price, and so does The Cocoon. It is a bit expensive and located at edge of the town so you will need a taxi to reach there. The Cocoon seating leather sometimes is felt to be scuffed, which very minor, though it is just another way to look at the other side of the coin. The path to the restrooms is a bit long and circuitry, which is a bit of concern for a person in an immediate rush.

Overall, though, the Cocoon in Frankfurt is one of the most popular nightclubs, not just in its niche, but globally. And people do pay it a jiving visit if they get through the main gates to the actual playfield. Join in!



  • John

    Hi! Thanks for the review!
    What about the prices of the drinks?
    What is the cost for simple classic drink like a vodka or whisky? Or for a beer if you know!