Costa Rica – An Ideal Destination for Vacationing

Costa Rica is considered to be one of the most peaceful destinations in the world. From lush rainforest, wild animals, active volcano exploration, to five star resorts and great beaches, Costa Rica Caribbean travel offers something or the other for every tourist.

Vacationing in Costa Rica can give you an unforgettable experience. This place can be regarded as a visitor’s paradise, because this is probably the only place on this planet, where there is no nuclear power plants, and no military coups.

Since the end of civil war in 1948, the country has remained free from any kind of dictatorship, terrorism, military coups or any kind of civil war or internal strife. You will enjoy the friendliest environment, whichever part of the country you may visit.

The literal meaning of Costa Rica is “rich coast’. But not only rich coast, Costa Rica offers its visitors lots of diverse environments with endless natural beauties, erupting volcanoes, rare and  endless number of natural species and exciting flora and fauna.

Watching the animals playing in the rain forest can be the most exciting experience.  Not only mammals and birds, Costa Rica is home to unlimited species of fish.  So if you like fishing, you can get an awesome experience. River tours are also organized in Costa Rica for those who like to travel in water.

Canopy tours are also very popular in Costa Rica. They will allow you to get a close view of birds and animals of the rain forest. If you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday, the dazzling beaches of Costa Rica are ideal destination for you.

Unlimited lodging options are available for tourists to spend their vacation in Costa Rica. Country inns which offer close view of volcano, or private bungalow lodges on river bank which are appropriate for watching vastness of rain forest and enjoying river rafting.

Enjoy a family vacation and take the opportunity of tasting great dishes offered in various café and restaurant of Costa Rica.  Taste the authentic Coasta Rican dishes like sea bass with coconut and curry while dinning here.

You can enjoy the best vacation in Coast Rica. This place is suitable for all types of visitors. The excellent facilities of boarding and lodging, great shopping opportunities, peaceful environment of rain forest, and exciting volcanoes will allow you to spend a holiday which you will remember forever.


Preeti Mehta