Danube Delta- Last Natural Paradise in Europe

Danube Delta is one of the largest bio-diversities in the world with more than 320 species of birds and 1500 species of fishes and is probably the real wildlife area left in the Europe for the visitors.

It is known as the Natural paradise because people scarcely know about it and whosoever has visited this place, he or she has been impressed by its ultimate beauty and peace lying in the lap of nature. The Danube Delta is also declared as the Landscape of the year 2007-2009 by International Commission.

You will find the largest population of pelicans and around half of the world’s population of cormorants. You will enjoy watching the winter and summer swans, red-necked geese, egrets, storks, etc. You can plan a trip with the help of specific agencies or local people in their private boats.

Danube Delta is also one of the most-favorite holiday destinations for amateur fishermen. People are amazed to catch catfish, carp, pike and other rare fishes can enjoy the rare bors de peste or the fish soup prepared traditionally by the local people, as well.

If you love calm & quiet beaches then the 30km long wild beach between Sulina and Sf. Gheorghe will be the perfect place for you. You can also take your partner for a romantic walk on the beach. Gura Portitei is another unique place to visit; it is a perfect blend of modern and rural factors.

Sulina is the largest city in Danube Delta with a great history. The European Commission of Danube Delta utilized it as the headquarter in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was then one of the most advanced cities of Europe and the same can be seen even today. You will get to know about some interesting old stories of pirates raiding this place, from the old locals.

Danube Delta is also known for its incredible cultural diversities. These diversities can be seen when different festivals are celebrated in the unique styles by the Romanians, Ukranians, Lipovans, Armenian, Greeks, Turks, etc. The International Independent Film Festival has gained popularity in the region, recently, which is held at Sfatu Gheorghe, every year.