Do and Dare in Denali!

Denali National Park in Alaska offers a unique wildlife and natural experience. The name is renowned as it is shared by the highest mountain in North America – Mt. McKinley. Native Athabascan Indians call it Denali or ‘the high one’. Standing at 20, 320 feet tall, this mountain is the highlight of the National Park.Nevertheless, visitors to this park with its breathtaking natural beauty should not miss the other wonderful aspects. The diversity of the tundra and taiga zones marks the landscape. Before visiting the park, travelers should keep a few important things in mind.
Since Denali is not your average park, you’ll need additional provisions to stay comfortable. Food, water and sufficient warm clothing are a basic requirement especially when journeying to the park on the shuttle buses. Remember that traveling to his park is a choice of the brave. The dizzying heights may be scary, but that’s part of Denali’s untamed nature.

Denali Visitor Centre
For all information related to Denali, go to the Denali Visitor Centre. Visitors may find it on Park Road at Mile 1.5. Learn everything about the wonderful place before exploring it in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Watch the movie about the Park and visit other facilities nearby, including the Alaska Railroad Depot.

Savage River
Savage River is nestled deep within the wilderness of Denali National Park. It offers a view of Mt. McKinley on clear days and good campground – one may find beautiful trees, and animals and birds in abundance here. Visitors need to observe the rules of the camp and keep it clean. Savage River provides great hiking opportunities.

Wonder Lake
Wonder Lake is at Mile 85 of the Park Road. This area has many lakes and ponds as well as campsites. The proximity of the lake to Mt. McKinley form part of its attraction. Camper buses take visitors to Wonder Lake. Beware of mosquitoes and prepare for protection against them in advance.

Denali offers many opportunities for hiking, backpacking and mountaineering. Hikers may try the Rock Creek Trail – a guided hike that takes travelers through the rich forests of Denali. Good climbers may enjoy the thrill of Denali’s challenging peaks, as mountaineering is one of the main attractions of this park.

A trip to Denali is one of the best options for an out-of-this-world experience.