Easy Ways to Get Flight Upgrades

It happens so many times that we go to the airport and have to wait there for long hours to board our flight, while we see business class passengers get preference and move into the flight more comfortably and before us.

We keep waiting in our seats for the flight officials to announce our entry based on our seat numbers, while business class passengers are already in there, enjoying their complimentary welcome drinks.

And then once in the flight, we juggle through narrow paths to find our seats and adjust our luggage in tiny overhead compartments. Even being seated is not much of a comfort as we have limited leg space, and are constantly worried about how people in front and behind of us adjust their seats. And then comes the moment when you wish for having a business class seat.

Well, it is not always possible to have that much of money that you can buy yourself a business class ticket on all your journeys. But there are definitely many other ways in which you can still enjoy that benefit.

First and foremost, you need to show your love and loyalty to your airline. This means that you should become a member of their frequent flyer programs, or any other clubs that they have for their travellers.

Once you tell them that you love their airline, they will return that love by giving you surprising flight upgrades in special offers. Remember, offers from different airlines always have a preference for regular flyers. And for that, you obviously need to ‘tell’ the airline that you are a frequent flyer.

Make sure you fill in correct details of your address and phone numbers in the sign-up form to be able to get informed about the offers well in time.

Next, always be nice to the check-in staff and all other people connected to the airline in any manner. You never know which one out of all these might just want to do some extra bit for you!

The more you co-operate with the airline staff and are ready for adjustments, the more indebted they will feel and will eventually give you some kind of upgrade or the other.

Tell them that you have no specific seat preference, and that you are willing to give away your seat to a fellow passenger, and they will be thankful to you for helping them solve a problem. In return, they will give you a business class ticket.

Also, for all your journeys, never forget to upgrade your miles on your frequent flyer account. Those miles too can be redeemed to enjoy flight upgrades.