Edinburgh: A City Of Festivals

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is considered as one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. It is a fascinating city with stunning natural beauty. Edinburgh is called by some great thinkers as ‘the Athens of the North’.

Edinburgh is the place where world’s biggest arts festival occurs during the summer season.

During this period millions of people from different corners of the world come over here to enjoy the gala festival. It is said that Edinburgh is the city which has inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to explore the old city of the 19th century. Edinburgh is a city where excitement never stops. There used to be several festivals to see in this very city. But at least one should not miss some of them.

Attractions: There are many festivals to see and enjoy in Edinburgh. The most attractive and famous of all things is the Edinburgh International Festival. This particular festival occurs each year from the mid August to September. The Edinburgh International Festival is generally considered as the innovative, exciting and extraordinary festival of the performing arts in the world. This very festival brings together diverse cultures of the whole world.

Here the culture of the far East and the culture of the distant West come together in this very festival. The great artists from Japan, China, India, and Korea come over here to join this very exciting Edinburgh International festival. During the festival Edinburgh becomes a really different place.

It becomes a cultural destination of Europe. Millions of people of different countries and cultures rush to the city to enjoy music, theatre, opera and dance of diverse cultures of the world. During nights at this period excellent fireworks illuminate the sky of this fantastic city.

After the Second World War in 1947 this International Festival was established to ‘provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit’. One should go to Edinburgh during this festival. One should book hotel in advance to enjoy this festival. There are several other exciting festivals that happen through out the year.

Edinburgh International Science Festival is known as the world’s first science festival. Still now in this very festival one can see the wonders, innovations and inventions of the whole world. Apart from this the International Film Festival, Jazz and Blues Festival, Art Festival, Children’s Festival are also quite exciting.