Enjoy The Beautiful Beaches Of East Africa

The beaches of East Africa are known for their exotic beauty. The beauty of these beaches is known and appreciated all over the world. One of the best things about these beaches is the fact that there is something for everyone.

For those who want to splurge and indulge, there are luxurious vacation opportunities. On the other hand, for those who want a secluded vacation, there is a sense of escapism in the beaches of East Africa that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Beach vacations in East Africa are mesmerizing and fascinating to say the least. These beaches are filled with pristine white sands while the shores of the beaches are lined with swaying palm trees. There is something very enchanting and mystical about the beaches in East Africa. From fishing to diving, from snorkeling and various other adventure and water sports to simply relaxing on these beaches, a beach vacation in East Africa is sure to be an amazing experience.

Beaches Of East Africa

Another interesting feature about these beach vacations is the fact that they can be coupled with a safari visit. Most people go on safari tours to Africa. Hence, even if you are on a safari tour to the continent, you can still enjoy the experience of the beach vacations in East Africa.The following article will elaborate on the beaches in East Africa that are the best for vacationing in.

 Beaches in East Africa

The following is a list of the best and most beautiful beaches in East Africa where you can have the best beach vacations in East Africa.


Tanzania is a country in East Africa that is home to some of the most breath taking beaches. The first beach on the list is Zanzibar which is well known for its long stretches of palm lined beaches, its turquoise colored sea and the abundance of marine life that dots the coastal waters. When you are in Zanzibar, you can also visit the Stone Town, the coral reefs and the narrow streets of the island.

The second beach in Tanzania is Mafia Island. This is an island which is less known among tourists and hence it is not very frequented. This is what adds to the charm of this place. A perfect place to unwind and relax, Mafia Island has several virgin beaches, islets and sandbars that you can explore.

fascinating beach of Tanzania is Pemba

Another fascinating beach of Tanzania is Pemba. Pemba is situated in the same archipelago as Zanzibar but like Mafia Island it is less frequented. The beaches at this spot have a hilly terrain and are home to some amazing diving spots. With tranquil islets and long stretches of beaches, Pemba is a beautiful beach in East Africa.

Finally, another lovely beach in Tanzania is Saadani. Saadani is well known for its blend of the beach, the bush and the river. It is a unique beach and is situated at the mouth of the Waami River. Several kinds of wildlife such as flamingos, elephants, hippos and crocodiles can be viewed because of the unique location of the beach.


Located on the East Coast of Africa, Kenya is another country that is home to some beautiful beaches. One of these beaches is the Watamu Beach. This is a fascinating beach with coral reefs and is also identified as among the top ten beaches in the world. You can go for scuba diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing among other activities.

The second beach in Kenya that is well known is the Diani Beach. This beach has about ten kilometers of beautiful white sand where the shores meet the Indian Ocean.

Enjoy The Beautiful Beaches Of East Africa

Besides these beaches, there are three islands of Kenya. These are the Lamu Island, the Kiwayu Island and the Funzi Island. These three islands are known for their luxurious beauty, coral reefs and virgin white beaches. You can take part in a wide range of water sports such as diving, fishing, snorkeling, surfing, laser sailing, and water skiing and so on. These beaches are also ideal for viewing dolphins and whales, especially the Kiwayu island beaches. These beaches are also lined with mangroves besides palm trees.

You will also get an insight into African history and culture in these islands. For instance, the Lamu Island is one of the oldest Swahili islands in the continent. The Swahili culture is one of the oldest surviving cultures in Africa. There are also various parks and game reserves on these islands such as the Dodori and Boni game reserves that you can visit.


The area in Mozambique is another part of east Africa that is known for some of the best beach vacations in East Africa. For instance the Bazaruto archipelago comprises of several virgin beaches and untouched islands that are rarely visited by tourists. These islands are covered with beaches that have pristine white sand and palm tree lined shores.

place to visit in Mozambique

There are also some fascinating coral reefs off the shores of these islands that are not explored. You can take part in snorkeling, surfing, diving, fishing and other such water sports. The islands of the Bazaruto archipelago are famous as honeymoon destinations and family holidays.

Another fabulous place to visit in Mozambique is the Quirimbas archipelago. This archipelago is home to around 32 beautiful coral islands. These islands are also close to the Tanzanian border. These islands are best known for their unexplored beaches and islets and sandbars which are ideal for a perfect getaway to unwind and relax.

This area is a little under developed and rustic which adds to the old world charm of the beaches. The islands in this archipelago are made from rich coral reefs which provide the ideal breeding ground for a variety of marine life. You can also take part in gaming as well as other sports activities.  The beaches of east Africa provide some of the most well known places for the best beach vacations in East Africa and a trip to these beaches is sure to be a memorable one for you.