Enjoy The Best South African Safaris

As a traveller, if you want to treat your senses to a true feast, South Africa would mesmerize you with its scenic beauty, natural prowess and enchanting wildlife. It is one of those places where you’ll find a fantastic blend of the past and the present. While some parts of this country have still retained its rustic charm and is inhabited by local tribes, the other part would portray a truly global country complete with the charms of the modern world.

A very famous tourist destination, South Africa is also preferred for Safaris. Due to the abundance of wildlife, South Africa is a favoured destination for animal lovers from around the world. It is not only home to the famous Kruger National Park, it also boasts of several renowned Game Reserves and places famous for its natural beauty. Therefore, the best South African Safari would entail a tour of the famed as well as the lesser known places of this fascinating place.

Therefore, if you wish to enjoy the best South African Safaris, you need to decide on what kind of a tour you are looking at. Depending on whether you wish to take the privilege of a luxury, standard or family safari, tour operators would chalk out plans for you. However, to gain an overall insight into the best South African Safaris, read on to find out more.

Kruger National Park Safari

When you set out on your South African Safari, a visit to the Kruger National Park will always feature in your itinerary. This national park has almost become synonymous with South Africa and draws a huge number of tourists. It is one of those places where you can enjoy the privilege of seeing the ‘Big 5’ in their natural habitats. It essentially means that the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhinoceros, together termed as the ‘Big 5’ is actually very difficult to hunt. And to find these amazing animals in their natural surroundings can be quite an experience.

Kruger National Park Safari

Photo Credit: Africanbluetours.com

The Kruger National Park is exactly the place where you would find all five of them and experience the thrill of being so close to these fascinating animals. However, it is not possible to spot all the animals at once. For this, you need to keep an eye on the forest and as you drive through the national park, be on the look out for different species of animals resting around waterholes. It is also the home to a wide variety of birds and if you are particularly interested in birds of varied species don’t be surprised to find an excellent collection of rare species at the Kruger National Park.

Different types of lodges and camps have been set up within the park for accommodating guests. To experience that thrill of being close to nature and wildlife, book yourself in a standard or luxury accommodation within the premises of Kruger National Park. This would make your trip much more eventful and exciting.

Timbavati Private Game Reserve Safari

If you wish to get a feel of the true diversity of wildlife found in Africa, the Timbavati Private Game Reserve safari is a must. Located next to the Kruger National Park, it shares a common boundary with the former and easily allows animals to move from one reserve to the other.

Timbavati Private Game Reserve safari

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Here, wildlife would be within bounds and you can easily experience the varied facets of African wildlife without any hassles. Opt for open vehicles that offer great views of the forest. If you are roaming the forests on these vehicles, you are more than likely to spot different species of wildlife. Once in a while, take the time to look up and discover the wide variety of bird species lining the tree trunks.

Sabi Sand Game Reserve Safari

In order to experience the feel of an extraordinary African safari, the Sabi Sand Game Reserve can be the perfect destination. The fascinating blend of wildlife, rich flora and fauna, close encounters with wildlife and affordable accommodation options make Sabi Sand a very favourable place for tourists.

Sabi Sand Game Reserve safari

Photo Credit: Sabi-sands.com

This place offers the ideal location for spending a romantic honeymoon or a fantastic family vacation. Not only do you get the chance of seeing a wide variety of wildlife all around you, the game lodges allow uninterrupted and panoramic views of the fine natural surroundings. The game drives are also an experience to remember and if you love to take photographs, don’t forget to keep your camera ready. Along with the ‘Big 5’, you’ll also get a chance to see other rare species of birds and animals.

Addo Elephant National Park Safari

The Addo Elephant National Park safari would offer the chance to experience wildlife belonging to diverse ecosystems. While it is billed to be the best place for seeing the huge African elephants, here, you are also likely to find various species of rhinoceroses, lions, leopards, buffaloes and marine animals like the great white sharks and whales.

Addo Elephant National Park safari

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The natural beauty of this place cannot be discounted. In some parts you’ll see hillsides spotted with beautiful Proteas and in other areas you are likely to find wide open grasslands teeming with different types of animals. The bird island also has a sizeable population of the African penguins, Cape gannets and the Roseate terns.

Safari To The Zululand

A trip to Zululand also features amongst the best South African safaris. This part of the country has retained its old flavour and lives life in a laidback style. As you step into Zululand and enjoy your safari in places like Phinda and Hluhluwe, you are likely to experience vast stretches of green grasslands, picturesque hillsides and huge forests.

Safari to the Zululand

Photo Credit: Game-reserve.com

Various natural reserves and national parks are also located in this region and a safari of Zululand would let you discover its rich resources of wildlife. The Umlalazi Natural Reserve, Siyaya Coastal Park and Amatikulu Nature Reserve are some of the places worth a visit.

Thus, the best South African safaris allow you to indulge in the beauty of the natural reserves and abundant wildlife. And if you put in a little bit of effort into planning and deciding on how you wish to plan your safari, you can easily choose packages that will make your trip a memorable one.