Enjoy Your Stay at Golfo Dulce Lodge During Costa Rican Vacations

Think of Costa Rican vacations and the first thing that comes to your mind is tropical rainforests, the beach and the sea. The Golfo Dulce Lodge not only fulfills this experience but delivers many more surprises to give you the perfect Costa Rican vacation.

The Golfo Dulce Lodge is an eco-lodge situated at Playa San Josecito. It guarantees you an escape from the hustle and bustle due to its remote location which can be accessed only by a boat ride of about 30 minutes from Golfito or Puerto Jimenez.

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The Golfo Dulce Lodge delivers a great Costa Rican Vacation that makes you experience nature, as it is surrounded by the rainforest of the Piedras Blancas National Park, an extension of the Corcovado National Park and the pristine waters of the Golfo Dulce.


Costa Rican vacation rainforest

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The Golfo Dulce Lodge makes sure all the activities and excursions on your Costa Rican vacation are planned keeping nature in mind. The Lodge makes sure that it only offers ecological tours and that too only in small groups. It offers various boat excursions to observe the marine life and various guided hikes to enjoy the beauty of the rainforest. It boasts of over 340 species of birds, and the other wildlife that exists in and around the forest is also considerably vast.

You can easily spot macaws, vultures and even armadillos which will add delight to your Costa Rican vacation. There is an easy and safe observation platform at the edge of the primary rainforest from where the local flora and fauna can be enjoyed. The lodge also offers a boat tour to the mangroves of the Esquinas River or a visit to the botanical gardens of ‘Casa Orquideas’.

Also you can take the Dolphin tour, or go kayaking, snorkeling or take a Horse-back tour on the neighboring property to a waterfall and enrich your Costa Rican vacation by learning about the tropical flora and fauna, traditions and history.


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The accommodation is divided into two categories: the Deluxe and the Standard. You would find rest and peace on your Costa Rican vacation in the bungalows which are spacious, comfortably furnished and the ones in the Deluxe category have their own private shower/toilet. All bungalows and rooms are named after their individually crafted or painted wildlife motives found on the wooden doors.

The Tropical Restaurant serves delicious meals that have a local flavor to them which add taste to your Costa Rican vacation. The Eco-Lodge also has a chlorine-free freshwater pool and a small main complex. Since any Costa Rican vacation would be incomplete without a beach, the accommodation complex is just 300 yards away from the beach.

Ecological Awareness and Commitment

Costa Rican sensitive environment

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Ecological awareness is a must when one is located in such a sensitive environment and co-habitating with a large number of exotic birds and animals. Thus, the Eco-Lodge complies with a sustainable model of natural, cultural and social resource management without making any compromise in the way they will serve you on your Costa Rican vacation.

It has been upgraded to 4 Green Leaves within the ‘Certification of Sustainable Tourism – CST, which consists of 5 levels for sustainable tourism achievement.  Its conservation efforts have also been acknowledged by the Rainforest Alliance Organization based in New York. Thus, when you travel to the Golfo Dulce Lodge on your Costa Rican vacation you are making a responsible travel choice and not just enjoying at the cost of the environment.

The Eco-Lodge is sensitive to this fragile environment and takes measures to avoid unnecessary waste while you enjoy your Costa Rican vacation. The drinking water is collected from a spring up in the mountains and a hydro plant generates the electricity. The employees too are from communities nearby, thus, it is a sustainable model for preserving and enjoying the environment that a Costa Rican vacation offers and can continue offering to the future generations.

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The Golfo Dulce Lodge consists of more than 300 hectares where you can enjoy a memorable Costa Rican vacation. This was bought to conserve the existing virgin rainforest and also set-up a small place where nature lovers could experience the forest in all its glory without actually disturbing or harming it. The lodge also takes its conservation efforts seriously. It has helped in reducing hunting such that there has been a remarkable recovery in the wildlife.

The Lodge has made sure that it builds and maintains harmony with its natural environment and respects local culture, thereby giving you a true feel of nature and local history on your Costa Rican vacation. It has made it its mission to conserve the primary rainforest, protect the wildlife, educate and motivate the staff and visitors to respect the environment and local traditions and it has even started a reliberation and rehabilitation project of some of the endangered species.

The lodge uses biodegradable cleaning products and a solar system to heat water. They avoid use of plastic bottles or cans and pesticides. All their plastic and glass is recycled at a local recycling plant ensuring you limit your carbon footprint on your Costa Rican vacation. The Lodge has also made efforts to put an end to the illegal fishing activities carried out in the Golfo Dulce and help spreading awareness about it.


Costa Rican Weather

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The seasons here are not clearly defined but one can expect the temperatures to oscillate between 70F to 90F with an average temperature of 80F (26C). Most of the rain is received during the rainy season which lasts from April to November and the humidity levels remain relatively high. Thus, on your Costa Rican vacation you can be assured of a tropical climate.

The Golfo Dulce Lodge is an ecological treasure and has all the ingredients to make up an unforgettable Costa Rican vacation. It is a perfect retreat into the heart of nature and a perfect mix of all the elements that a Costa Rican vacation would consist of.

Besides, its ecological sensitivity is an added bonus in modern times when a large amount of our ecosystem has been affected due to man’s selfishness. Thus, the Golfo Dulce Lodge promises to provide you a Costa Rican vacation that is natural, organic and guiltless as there is almost zero negative impact on the environment while you enjoy your stay.

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