Entertaining your Child While Travelling

Once you become a parent you begin to understand just how difficult it is handling the infant. Most parents decide not to travel with an infant. But what you should know is that as long as your baby is still feeding and not talking or walking it is the easiest time to travel. So do take your trips in the first five months of the child’s life.

Once the child gets older the travelling gets very difficult. They do not like to sit in the car of plane confined to a seat for a long time. They will begin crying loudly and will disturb and bother everyone around them. The worst time to travel with kids is between the ages of one to two. When you do pack for a trip or a long car journey make sure you have an extra bag for your child with lots of activities. This will not include his clothes.

The activity bag should have lots of different things that could keep the child entertained. A child’s attention span at that age is very less so he needs constant change. The bag must contain a colouring book and some crayons, some soft toys to play with, small books that you could read to the child. Put something new every time you go on a long journey.

Children get very fascinated with flash lights so make sure you have one. Carrying an album of the family pictures can also help keep the child entertained for a while. Small cars and dolls should all be in the activity bag.

A separate bag for the child’s snack must also be carried. Fill it with non messy finger foods like cheese cubes and slices, sandwiches, biscuits, bananas and some raisins. Make sure that you are sitting right beside your child all through the journey and it is you who will be playing with him and entertaining and most importantly keeping him quiet.

If you are travelling by car then carry a cd of nursery rhymes and songs that your child enjoys. When you do make long trips you should be prepared that the child’s routine will change. His sleeping and eating pattern can be disrupted. This is alright and will be normal once again when you reach your destination.