Exciting Places To Swim with Dolphins in USA

The sight of sparkling grey slender bodies jumping out of the water is sure to catch the attention of anyone around. Watching them swimming and surfing on the waves will make you fall in love with these mammals of the water. Dolphins are said to be the most intelligent animal on the face of the earth. They are social, playful, and communicate between themselves using various types of sounds. They are always curious and are quite friendly with humans.

There are some water parks in the USA which lets you swim with dolphins. There are dolphin shows which are human interactive and also offer you an opportunity to get up and close with the dolphins. Details of some of the parks and dolphinariums are given below. Pick one and be ready to have a wonderful time with the dolphins on your next vacation.

Swim with Wild Dolphins at Dolphin Plus

This facility is located in Key Largo in Florida, USA. Dolphin Plus is engaged in protection and conservation of dolphins and sea mammals throughout the world and provides various educational and awareness programs. They have a natural lagoon formed from the adjacent Atlantic Ocean and this provides you with an opportunity to swim with the dolphins in their wild and natural habitat.

Photo Credit: Dolphinsplus.com

Dolphin Plus has two kind of swimming programs. One is a structured swimming program where you interact with the dolphins based on their trained behaviors like belly rubs and hugs. This program is conducted under an expert trainer. You can also undertake the natural dolphin swim where you will have to put on diving gear and swim with the dolphins in open swimming sessions.

This facility also provides swimming programs with sea lions. You will have to make an appointment to enjoy your time with the water mammals. The prices of their packages start from $135 per swimmer and can go up to $260.

Explore the Dolphin World

This fifteen year old organization offers dolphin swims and educational programs in numerous locations. You can find Dolphin World at Miami in Florida, Key Largo, Orlando, Oahu in Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nassau Bahamas, Tortola in British Virgin Islands, Ocho Rios in Jamaica and Grand Cayman in Cayman Islands.

Photo Credit: Funandsun.com

Apart from swimming with dolphins, you can also have a swim with sea lions, get close to the marine wildlife, take boat tours, engage in water sports and also participate in underwater adventure. Book your reservations 30 to 60 days in advance. Dolphin World offers a lot of swimming and dolphin encounter packages. Their rate fluctuates from time to time and can reach up to $300 approximately. You can get the details and the updated pricing information by email or regular mail.

Dance with Dolphins at Dolphin research Center

This non-profit venture was set up in 1984 in Florida Keys primarily for facilitating education and research. The dolphins have their own separate sea water lagoons adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. You can do a lot more than just taking a swim with the dolphins at this research facility.

You can spend a week with the dolphins under the Dolphin lab program. You can also be the trainer or researcher for a day, take a dip and dance with the dolphins, play with them and even get a t-shirt painted by the dolphins! Some of the packages start from a mere $50 per person. But programs like trainer for a day can cost you up to $650 per person.

Discover Discovery Cove

It is a tropical resort located at Orlando in Florida. It offers a full day of different animal encounters including swimming with dolphins. You can make your way to the dolphin lagoon and get a ride on the fins of the dolphin. You will be allowed to spend thirty minutes to interact and splash around with the water mammals. Hug, kiss and rub their bellies in shallow water and then head to deeper water for more exciting time with the dolphins.

Photo Credit: Lakenonapools.com

The Dolphin Swim Day Resort package starts from $199 and goes up to $339 depending upon terms and conditions. It is all inclusive for the day and includes thirty minutes swim with the dolphins, snorkeling with tropical fishes, bird watching, lazing around on the beaches, personal locker, sunscreen and snorkel gear and all meals, drinks, alcoholic beverages and unlimited snacks.

So go ahead and take a vacation that you will cherish all through your life. Head out to any of the above mentioned parks and be sure to have a heavenly experience. These dolphins need your help for their conservation and protection. Swim with them and help them from being extinct.