Excting Nightlife At Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the beautiful places of Greece. But Mykonos is not only famous for its beauty it is more famous for its colourful and vibrant nightlife. Mykinos is treasured by the party-goers. There are various party options both in day and in night.

Even at the day time people organise beach parties in Mykonos. The Tropicana Bar and the Sunrise Bar near Paradise beach cater all the needs of the party-makers. Apart from that in Mykonos people also can enjoy sunset parties which used to start around 6pm.

The Paradise Club of Paradise beach starts its party during the evening and it continues till at midnight. Mykonos is a great attraction for the adventurous young people.

Clubs and bars:

There are several clubs and bars in Mykonos where one easily go after dinner and enjoy till midnight. One of the most famous bars of Mykonos is Astra. This is a very nicely decorated place with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.

Though during the evening it remains a casual lounge for having drinks but it changes into a steaming dance floor when any famous DJ takes over in the night. Another famous club cum restaurant and bar is the Spanish El Pecado. El Pecado means ‘The Sin’.

This place of Mykonos provides great wine and fantastic foods. But actually the exciting Latin beats or sometimes Greek music with sangaria and rum-based drinks make the place throbbing with life and excitement. Another happening place of Mykonos is the New Faces.

Its former name was Down Under. Generally the Northern European and the Americans who are not more than 25 years old like this place very much. Exciting party goes on here from evening till midnight. Those who are keen on enjoying a pure Greek night out can choose Guzel.

This fantastic place is populated by Athenians. Here one can enjoy Greek and International hit songs and can dance with bubbling crowd. At times the pumping music drives the dancing people frenzied. Party and dancing go on here till after midnight. Enjoying a night out here is bound to be a gala experience.

Those who like late night party can go to Cavo Paradiso and Paradise Club near Paradise Beach. Both these clubs are extremely popular among the party-lovers because of the great views, huge pools, theme nights and also International DJs.


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